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It is possible for voat to load more than 3 comments per thread?, submitted: 9/26/2015 12:43:33 AM, 0 points (+1|-1)

Hail Mary Mallon - Breakdance Beach, submitted: 10/28/2016 3:35:34 AM, 0 points (+1|-1)

Giving up /v/AmericanPolitics - redundant, others subs on this topic are thriving, submitted: 7/11/2015 1:08:23 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Flexible engineering design for infrastructure projects, submitted: 7/22/2015 7:41:51 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Recap of Messi's hattrick vs Panama - Copa America Week 2, submitted: 6/11/2016 8:01:25 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

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What are some tips and tricks for voat that newcomers don't know? submitted by SgtSama to AskVoat

Genghis_Khan 0 points 257 points (+257|-0) ago

Voat, (until recently, though probably still) was a much smaller community than other popular news aggregators, and as such had (has) a particular culture. I don't want to dictate the specifics as I see them, but new users should be aware of this. Not out of some unjustified irreverence for "older" users, but due to the simple fact that it's good and genuinely promotes positive discussion, sharing information, and not shitting down people's throats.

This is a very subtle thing, I know, but new users should not assume this is a literal clone of any other site. As such, they should plan on putting the most minimal non-zero effort into their comments and submissions. Not because it'll make people like me happy, but because it'll keep the site good, interesting, and non-toxic.

Edit: Wording.

My unified theory connecting this entire reddit shitstorm submitted by BigDrunkBoat to MeanwhileOnReddit

Genghis_Khan 0 points 96 points (+96|-0) ago

Let's see:

  1. Doesn't read like copypasta spam
  2. Not whiny or circlejerky
  3. Actually about reddit (on topic)
  4. Plausibility aside, a reasonable argument
  5. No "Pao = literally Hitler" nonsense (basically the same as point 2)

Seems fine to me. Keep it up.

What are some tips and tricks for voat that newcomers don't know? submitted by SgtSama to AskVoat

Genghis_Khan 0 points 83 points (+83|-0) ago

Here's the other thing (sorry for going on about it), if users don't act, it'll deteriorate fast. When you see garbage, shine a spotlight on it. Don't just downvoat it (if you can), let them know they're being bad. It's the only way to fight the downward quality pressure.

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Looking for a job as a shill??? submitted by deleted to MeanwhileOnReddit

Genghis_Khan 8 points -6 points (+2|-8) ago

Removed: Off-topic.

USS Liberty Documentary reaches Front page and mods delete every single comment from the post. submitted by OhBlindOne to MeanwhileOnReddit

Genghis_Khan 5 points -3 points (+2|-5) ago

I dunno, seems fine to me.

I can't handle this negativity that has taken over this site the last few days submitted by thegoldenboy to whatever

Genghis_Khan 4 points -3 points (+1|-4) ago

Bullshit. Simple as that. The toxic fucks are toxic fucks, that user or any other has nothing to do with it. Your obsession with that user is laughable.