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Black Lives Matter's Anti-Israel Platform Blindsides Liberal Jewish Supporters submitted by ShaneTO to news

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Riots About To Erupt After Minnesota Just Handed Full Control To Muslims To Take Down Infidels submitted by normanholt to news

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They need to be removed from earth bud.

Man who called black woman a 'loud mouthed monkey' charged with hate crime submitted by warrior88 to news

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Let's all agree right now that we need to save ALL of western society. Who cares what country is more buggered at the current moment. Help our brothers out as we help ourselves.

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MASSIVE RED PILLS, FEELINGS WILL BE HURT, DO NOT READ! submitted by HighLevelInsider to pizzagate

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I laugh at you.

Americans Turning Their Backs on Hollywood / Worst Weekend Since 9/11 Week at Box Office submitted by remedy4reality to news

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gurren lagann and kill la kill too friendo. I also dig every anime made of Berserk. Old and new.

This Is What Happens In Sweden When A White Women Resists Sexual Assault From A "Refugee" submitted by tendiesonfloor to Worldnews

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Stfu black-pilling D&Cing dick. I can see your nose from here.