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Remember, SJWs don't want solutions, they want to profit from the ongoing drama. Interrupting ex-BLM rebel complains about competing platform that steals thunder from their own little echo-chamber. submitted by President-Sanders to news

GOT 2 points 62 points (+64|-2) ago

I'm seriously worried about the teenagers who are growing up today in the ultra-toxic SJW mental environment. Especially as received and understood by forming minds, the core tenets of SJW are inseparable from a hate movement: Blaming all your problems on the Target Group, blaming all problems in society on the Target Group, advocating violence and scorn for the Target Group, implying that all members of the Target Group are evil and dirty.

The only difference is that SJWs offer a thread of hope for members of the Target Group; if any Target can find the umbrella of a victimized identity to hide under, he'll be safe.

Really, this shit is actually very serious and not funny at all. We have a whole generation who is being brainwashed into bigotry and hatred, furthermore, being taught to ignore the real problems in the world, instead to focus on this identity politics nonsense that accomplishes exactly nothing but sowing dissention and hatred. It's twisted, it's evil, it's wrong.

Do you boycott any businesses? Why? submitted by doceezy to AskVoat

GOT 2 points 42 points (+44|-2) ago

Nestle. The epitome of an evil company. In my opinion the most inhumane company that exists. It is the only company that I go out of my way not to buy from.

Coming from what I learned in gender studies, basically nestle goes to places in Africa and gives a bunch of free samples to poor families. It is to get women to stop breastfeeding long enough so that she is no longer able to produce milk. This way they have to buy more formula so the child doesn't starve.

Now I haven't heard much about this beyond the class so I am willing to be suspicious of this claim.

However what is talked about is their attempt to market again in Africa their formula as better than breast milk. It is more than just the formula controversy in first world countries aka nutrition and antibodies. The formula is powdered so you have to mix in water. Africa isn't exactly known for its abundance of purified water so the death rate can be as high as 25 times more likely in some areas.

You can wiki it, Nestle boycott

Beyond that, huge anti-union, but its a large company so its to be expected.

Human rights violations with employees.

An investigation in killing a civil rights leader, investigation so innocent until proven guilty.

And this interview

I'm not all corporations are evil, but fuck nestle.

If the formula thing had ended I wouldn't hold it against them but to my understanding it is still a problem.

How long do you think until you can acquire the magical 100 points needed to be a true Voater? People with 100 points already how long did it take you? submitted by Limpingdead to AskVoat

GOT 2 points 33 points (+35|-2) ago

A true voater should take about 3 months because they are not playing for ccp point. They are speaking their mind and contributing.

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IMPORTANT Why is the user "WeAreNotThem" getting bombed with downvoats? Have SHILLS joined the community? submitted by Moloko to AskVoat

GOT 22 points -19 points (+3|-22) ago

You are literally SRS here policiing any freethinking on voat. You are killing the casual and open discussion. You hurt everything good about voat. Remember what I told you about the "delete" button.

USA asked Norway to arrest Edward Snowden submitted by carb0n to technology

GOT 16 points -16 points (+0|-16) ago

I hope Norway arrests him and he is deported and faces justice for his crimes and wreckless leaks

Can you tell? submitted by GOT to science

GOT 17 points -15 points (+2|-17) ago

A meme is is "an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture". What is voat, if not a culture? And what is the point of voat, if not to spread ideas within itself? From the very beginning rage comics and memes should be the foundation of voat including /v/science. They are a quick and easy way to appeal to people, and give them some information. A quick meme about the NSA has lead to much greater concerns about piracy. A meme about steam lead me to PC gaming. And just recently I introduced my little brother to voat by showing him some funny memes. Today we have learnt some science and started a discussion thanks to a useful little meme. Maybe its time you start embracing them. We can move from the meme to a discussion of artificial diamonds or the artificial supply and demand governing the economics of diamond prices. The choice is yours. Meta the option you have chosen but thats good too.

I understand you have a complaint and it is not unusual to see stuff voaters say stuff like , "hey look how stupid and cringy this meme is!" But really how can a meme even be cringy? How can a science meme have no business on /v/science. In my view. chipping away at the foundation of memes is akin to chipping away at voat. So there is no way I can agree with you. I'm not going to say you have to like my "can you tell?" meme, because I'm sure we have all been greatly effected by and greatly enjoyed different ones. I just want you to have some tolerance and appreciation for the effort I have put into meme-ing right here right now.

Finally, I would just like to end by saying to all the memers and the meme fanciers don't let the anti-meme meanies get you down keep up the good work. Not everyone likes them but they are what is keeping /v/science and voat alive.