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Oregon Rancher's Body Returned to Family in Shocking Condition submitted by SolarBaby to news

Fuck_TheGuardian 3 points 27 points (+30|-3) ago

Ya, and Obama didn't say shit.

And they let BLM burn down Ferguson and Baltimore.

White people are marked for genocide. They want us dead.

We're being genocided every way possible.

Mainly through massive immigration and lowered fertility though.

Economic systems too.. people don't make enough money to have 3 kids, 2.2 is the rate of replacement.

Minorities are happy to live off government assistance and shit out kids.

Swedish Veteran Freezes To Death In The Street After Being Evicted To Make Room for Refugees While Refugee Family is Shown How To Use Their New Flat submitted by Alpha_Machine to news

Fuck_TheGuardian 11 points 26 points (+37|-11) ago

If people are truly this stupid and are willing to sit idle and let this happen they deserve it.

This veteran should have returned to his apartment and slaughtered the invaders.

Our Jewish banker owed governments are replacing us with Muslims and have made Europeans second class citizens. People are happy about it too. No amount of media brainwashing should be able to subvert people this effectively. If you let yourself be killed it's because you have no self preservation left. This has to be the result of fluoride in the water , estrogen mimickers in plastic, and the over prescribing of psychotropic drugs. People have turned off their instincts.

Bruce Jenner will be used as an example in the history books of how Western men became weak . We'll be remembered as weak cowardly fools that fought to give our countries away, not to save them.

Since news websites are censoring comments, someone should make a chrome plugin that adds a comment section to every single web page that cannot be moderated. submitted by Fuck_TheGuardian to whatever

Fuck_TheGuardian 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago

Thanks, the only potential problem with that would be security. I'm not an expert but that would be the main area of concern.

Btw, this is Amalek, I'm just letting you know cuz you're not a hater. Now the cats outta the bag though lol

Whenever people don't know it's me I usually get a lot of upvotes lol...

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deleted by user submitted by deleted to funny

Fuck_TheGuardian 6 points -4 points (+2|-6) ago

Introverts- The reason why the West is in decline.

Introvert = Coward , sacred to speak up and take action.

This Semi-Automatic Gun Is 95 Percent 3DPrinted submitted by Dark_Shroud to guns

Fuck_TheGuardian 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

This is all hypothetical...

But would it be possible to set up a clandestine gun factory in an appartment and stock pile arms?

How hard would it be for ISIS to set a bunch up and arm a bunch of refugees?

You wouldn't even need to buy the guns, so they'd avoid any risk of getting caught trying to procure arms.

Also, drones can easily be turned into GPS guided bombs with upto a 5lb payload.

Kinda scary how easily this could be done.

50,000 dollars could manufacture an arsenal of 3d printed guns and remotely guided drone bombs.

This Semi-Automatic Gun Is 95 Percent 3DPrinted submitted by Dark_Shroud to guns

Fuck_TheGuardian 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

True, I just think it's kinda scary how easily you could arm people. I think 3d printed guns are one of the biggest threats to national security.