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Account Deleted By User submitted by Kekfashy to politics

FreeSpeechRefugee 2 points 6 points (+8|-2) ago

That's pretty fucking shameful.

The Orville. submitted by dontforgetaboutevil to whatever

FreeSpeechRefugee 2 points 3 points (+5|-2) ago

Its shit. Hollywood is finished. You can't make quality entertainment without offending someone. Its no longer possible.

Dear fellow Jews - We are the problem. We need own up to our Jewish privledge and stop oppressing the other races. submitted by RabbiMohel to whatever

FreeSpeechRefugee 4 points 3 points (+7|-4) ago

Nice Trolling Guys!!!
~Canadian Jew

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Israeli warplanes attack civilian airport in Damascus, Syria shoots down Israeli drone submitted by FireMarshallBill to news

FreeSpeechRefugee 7 points -7 points (+0|-7) ago

Never knew the CIA and NSA, and the US Military, and Shadow Government are Israelis. How weak are you as a people and as a nation to believe this kind of thing? And the upvotes. Lots of sickos around here.

Dear fellow Jews - We must cancel our upcoming "Sex At Every Age" campaign. It's not going to work. They goyim know. We must give up pedophilia. submitted by RabbiMohel to whatever

FreeSpeechRefugee 7 points -6 points (+1|-7) ago

This is top shelf Trolling. I gotta share this one with some folks. LOL.
~Some Jew
No but seriously, every day on VOAT there are all these funny white boys who inadvertently believe that Jews are the master race. How confusing.

The Media presents a fake reality that your life will be destroyed if people find out you're White Nationalist. The truth is, there are social and economic benefits to WN. submitted by AntiTomato to politics

FreeSpeechRefugee 13 points -6 points (+7|-13) ago

I'm Jewish, and I support White Nationalism. It's White Supremacy I have a problem with, mainly because it requires I be killed. We all should have the right to be proud of our own people and countries, and run them as we the people like, why should the good white people of North America be excluded? I'm with you guys. You damn well should be mad! Hate is wrong, Racism is natural, and being Altruistic is sensible. Being proud of your people does not demand you hurt or even hate anyone else whatsoever. Globalists are the enemy of all ordinary working class peoples and I for one would applaud violence leveled against the famous elite Globalists who are causing all this trouble in society. I recognize them as diverse wealthy elites of various background united by their greed and lust for globalized power structures. I hope someone far more powerful then ourselves ends these people.