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The Tiny Skeletons are Falling out of the Closet submitted by ThrowawayAccount123 to pizzagate

FreeRebel 0 points 30 points (+30|-0) ago

GREAT WORK! I have batched these and given titles, incorporated the posted comments, & listed them alphabetically. Ran into a limit of length so must make two separate posts. HERE IS PART ONE....

ABORTION. The Abortion Industry and its role in trafficking in body parts. Fetal tissue is used in vaccines, making the industry tied to the hip of corrupt UN practices in the Third world.

ART DEALERS. Art dealers who operate fronts for money laundering and purchase of alternate goods (e.g. children or drugs included in the purchase price of art). The Modern Art market, internationally, is the largest unregulated market in the world. It allows the Elite to move massive amounts of capital unseen. Similarly, within the upper-middle-class, the Visionary art movement is a cover for the same type of activities as well as being a sacred house of worship for the Luciferian family. Art groups who maintain access to the underground tunnel systems present in most cities associated with Luciferian practices and human trafficking.

ARTISTS. Artists who depict themes of pedophilia, ritual sexual abuse, traumatization of children and mind control. Photographers who advertise photography of young women in seductive poses. Art directors and producers who create videos rife with pedophilia imagery.

ART COLLECTORS. Patrons who support, fund and patronize artists depicting themes of pedophilia, ritual sexual abuse, traumatization of children and mind control. (e.g. Anthony and Heather Podesta modern art collection)

BAR/RESTAURANTS. Business people who run bars and restaurants as social gathering places for their “family” or to socialize with would-be customers for the special goods they offer. Sometimes, these places are used as a place of worship.

BREEDERS. Parents who provide their children to the service class or the Elites in return for money and influence or inclusion. Women who are manipulated into choosing adoption by operators of fake abortion clinics related to small religious groups. Women who accept money or non-financial favors to produce babies for friends, family or other contacts.

BREEDING. Private birthing centers and adoption agencies who are able to produce babies outside of the normal registration process. Fertility clinics who help parents produce children who will bear organs compatible with Elites who have rare genetic disorders or clients requiring anti-aging treatments or organs for transplant in the future.

BUREAUCRATS. Government agencies minded by people intimately connected to the business of covering up multiple ways in which the system exploits children in the U.S. while maintaining that “human trafficking” is only a problem internationally (e.g. U.S. State Department’s 7th floor shadow government)

CHARITIES. Phony charities such as the Clinton Foundation acting as illegal slush funds. Many of these are nominally based around stopping the spread of infectious diseases such as AIDS, HIV and malaria. Religious groups or charities used to remove children from orphanages and transport them to the United States (e.g. Laura Silsby).

CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES. Private enterprises who benefit financially from the removal of children from their parents and the diagnosis of them as mentally ill. (e.g. Child Protective Services)

CONSTRUCTION. Fabricators and construction companies that install underground hiding rooms, and play rooms or make cages and secure holding facilities.

CONTRACTORS. Military Industrial Complex contractors who operate key services in the transport of organs, human remains, infants and children from war zones to underground U.S. operations who trade in these products. (e.g. DynCorp’s work in Kosovo)

DOCTORS. Doctors, dentists and pediatricians who serve families connected to organized child sexual exploitation and protect parents involved in this system. Doctors redefining being medically dead in order to allow for harvesting more internal organs, thus enabling them to refuse to restart the hearts of easily saveable people, and instead profit from harvesting their organs. Psychologists and psychiatrists who are involved in the continuation of the CIA’s MKUltra/Monarch program, an advanced R&D program into psychological manipulation or mind-control that had to be taken “off-the-books” after horrific details were exposed in a Congressional Investigation. (e.g. Psychologists who study Leadership, electroshock shock therapy, LSD influence and Dissociated Identity Disorder, formerly known as multiple-personality disorder; and False Memory Syndrome.

ENABLERS. Highly visible and powerful political agents who rescue Americans arrested while involved in child exploitation operations worldwide. (e.g. Hillary Clinton’s work on behalf of Laura Silsby in Haiti and Bill Clinton’s work on behalf of Laura Ling in Korea.) Religious groups, both mainstream and cult-ish, constantly associated with sexual exploitation scandals all over the world. (e.g. Catholic Church). Community influencers who protect accused pedophiles and write recommendations letters for them, or install them in positions of power once their short sentence is over.

EX-CONS. Convicted pedophiles who change their name in order to continue working for the government and avoid detection via the registry system.

FARMS. Farmers who use their livestock to dispose of human remains.

FINANCE. Financial institutions that help criminals launder the profits of drugs and human trafficking. (eg. HSBC and Franklin Credit Union)

FOOD SERVICE. Chefs who specialize in the preparation of human flesh for consumption (includes those who specialize in the consumption of the placenta).

INFO TECH. Technology firms who get to decide which abduction cases get national attention, and which don’t (e.g. Amber Alert).

LOBBYISTS. Who trade in strategic info or seek to control policy makers and politicians on behalf of their clients, both national and international. (e.g. The Podesta Group)

NEWS MEDIA. Pundits, writers and talking heads, related to persons of interest, who publish coordinated prose to decry the fight against human trafficking as “fake news”. (e.g. CNN’s Jake Tapper). Local newspapers and blogs concerned with the promotion of the official or non-official cover of people connected to the CIA and/or Luciferian groups. (e.g. The Washingtonian and Bright Young Things)

NGOs. Foundations that give grants and support artists who promote the sexualization of children, the performance of mock-cannibalism and the sale of organs (Clinton Foundation/Marina Abramovic and Bush Foundation/Stu Mead). NGOs that scoop up and take exclusive ownership of photos and videos of child abuse allowing them to trade in the strategic information contained within. (e.g. NCMEC, ICMEC and Thorn). U.N.-related agencies who are supposed to protect children, all-the-while hosting child abuse video production facilities in their basement (e.g. UNESCO in Brussels).

OFFICIALS. Federal, state and local law enforcement; judges; all corrupted officials who must be paid in sexual services or drugs because they are prevented by law from receiving cash.

PERFORMERS. Performers and bands who make MKUltra-inspired or pedophilia-related videos. (e.g. Sex Stains and Heavy Breathing); who pattern their performances after Luciferian references or “illuminati” symbolism to prove their adherance and obedience to the Satanist Elites. (Lady Gaga’s Luciferian flight, Beyonce’s Grammy performance and costume.) Pop stars who write pedophilic anthems laden with code words about child sex while normalizing the “secret pizza party” and satanic subculture of sexual abuse. (e.g. Kathy Perry, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Miley Cyrus) Quirky Performance artists who make products supposedly sourced from human remains; who do artistic rituals designed around mock-cannibalism or the promotion of human remains (skeletons), organs (heart transplants). (e.g. Marina Abramovic)

POLITICIANS. Republican and democratic politicians who enjoy an intimate relationship with the pedophile “service class”, or act under the influence of manipulators who have “Brownstone Operation”-type incriminating evidence against them. (e.g. Those most closely involved with the efforts to remove Trump.)

PROCURERS. Movers and shakers active in the sexual exploitation of minors where films are made of VIPs having sex with underaged individuals, for later use as blackmail / leverage in sentencing. (e.g. Jeffrey Epstein)

Hoax alert: 'Non-Caucasian' student behind racist graffiti at Minnesota high school - Is anyone surprised? submitted by ilovepussy to news

FreeRebel 0 points 20 points (+20|-0) ago

It's important to take note every time this happens, only to find it was, ONCE AGAIN, a hoax perpetrated by a demented individual who'd rather attract pity as a faux victim, than take their place among functional beings, who aspire to be accepted for their accomplishments and contributions to society.

Charlottesville car crash suspect James Alex Fields didnt intentionally mow down protesters out of malice intent, he acted out of fear, protesters swarmed the vehicle, some allegedly acting violent. submitted by Ex-Redditor to news

FreeRebel 2 points 20 points (+22|-2) ago

A photo shows brake lights. That will work for his defense. Also, the changing of the route. Mob was chanting "This is our street" right before the incident. Blocking the road, committing violence, CAUSING FEAR & CONFUSION. He reacted with FEAR & CONFUSION. He has a case.

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Would you eat at a medieval themed fast food drive through chain? submitted by Dougal_McHaggis to AskVoat

FreeRebel 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

NO. Zero cool factor. And for eating, I favor regular food, not a theme park ride. I don't think "the kids would go for it" either. It's not sexy.

I think this woman is a Human Trafficker. Tried to lure me as a kid submitted by gamepwn to pizzagate

FreeRebel 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

That is one possibility. Another is that she is "merely" a freelance nutball. We still have them in the mix.

I think this woman is a Human Trafficker. Tried to lure me as a kid submitted by gamepwn to pizzagate

FreeRebel 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

I worked with this one serial killer who mined his victims' address books. Sometimes he'd find new victims that way; the other use was to spread a false story about where the victim went. Oh, this guy offered her a job in New York, she went hiking, he saw her get in the car with a bushy haired guy; three actual examples from his case.