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Just Got Bad news. My cousin died from the Coronavirus. submitted by Hoppinmad to GreatAwakening

Francewhoa1905151045 0 points 23 points (+23|-0) ago

Sorry for your lost @Hoppinmad

According to Doctor Eric Berg DC, 80% of patient died with those ventilator, BECAUSE THEIR DEFAULT SETTINGS is Oxygen range 20-50% o2 saturation. I bet that this what happened. If they had increase the oxygen to 95-100% o2 saturation from the start, he would likely have survive.

This was knows more than 6 months ago. Are some doctors are not up to date, or just ignoring the real data? Or somehow profiting from Covid-1984?


According to Doctor Eric Berg DC, what may work best against Covid-19 is this: Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) + 95-100% o2 + Zinc.

What DID work:

  1. With zinc
  2. With HCQ
  3. Use the ventilator but do two adjustments:
    1. Lower the pressure
    2. Increase the oxygen to 95-100% o2 saturation

What did NOT work:

  1. Without zinc
  2. Without HCQ
  3. Use the ventilator with its default settings
    1. Oxygen range 20-50% o2 saturation
  4. 80% of patient died with those ventilator default settings. Source below.

Video & Sources


Sydney Powell just uploaded her 104 page bombshell complaint in GA! submitted by Lonegunman65 to GreatAwakening

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Show your Support to Sidney Powell

• Donate:

• Shop:

• Website:

• Twitter:

• Facebook:

• Youtube:

• Linkedin: https://

Newsmax is just as bad as Fox News! submitted by EZMojo to GreatAwakening

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I do NOT trust Newsmax

Newsmax is owned by a Clinton supporter Christopher Ruddy. Newsmax donated $1 million to Hillary's Clinton Foundation & Christopher stated that he thinks that Clinton would make a great President. Source:






On November 25th, 2020 Newsmax owner Chris Ruddy, claimed that they have NO evidence of Election Fraud. Ignoring large number of evidence of Election Fraud. Source:




I do NOT trust Newsweek, MSN, or Newsmax


• Is Newsmax trying to fool you into believing that they are conservative & support Trump?

• Newsmax claimed that their donation to the Hillary's Clinton Foundation is not an endorsement. Because they are neutral. In 2015, did Newsmax donated to Republican? No they did NOT. I suggest to review & evaluate Newsmax based on their past behaviors, not on what they says. Because what they say and did disagree. Which is a typical Evil behavior.

Alternatives to Newsmax:

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Lake County prosecutors announce they will not file charges against Kyle Rittenhouse submitted by Lurker17 to GreatAwakening

Francewhoa1905151045 10 points -10 points (+0|-10) ago

Kyle Rittenhouse

I disagree. I suggest to ignore this call for violence.

Is someone trying to manipulate and deceive you into violence? This is your reminder about those two related sticky discussions about ignoring calls for violence:

A call for Equal Justice Under Law is not to confuse with a call for violence

Q4737 at

Who Is Kyle Rittenhouse?

For those not familiar with Kyle Rittenhouse's behavior. He is:

Is Rittenhouse a "useful idiot"? Was he fooled into using violence? Will you be fooled into violence?

What is the Democractic Party’s Strategy?

One of the Democractic Party’s alleged primary strategy is to manipulate you into behaving with actions such as murder/violence/riots.

This is a speculation, what the Democratic Party's Antifa & BLM want the most is push your buttons to first get a reaction from you. Then second call you violent. After that tries to lie others into fearing you as someone with violent behaviors. Finally, the Democratic Party lie others into believing that they are the solution to resolve your violent behaviors. Which the Democratic Party covertly started in the first place ;)

If you don't react to their button pushing, if you don't murder, don't answer their calls for violence, and don't get pull into their riots, then THEY LOOSE. AND YOU WIN. It's that simple.

In other words, the Democratic Party's strategy depends on your reactions. They are DEPENDENT on you. If you react with violence then they win, if you don't react with violence then YOU WIN :)

Your Vote Matters


Since we are all piling on Bill Gates, here is a great vid on who he really is. Did you know his dad sat on the board of eugenicist Margaret Sanger Plan Parenthood? submitted by petevoat to GreatAwakening

Francewhoa1905151045 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

Since we are all piling on Bill Gates, here is a great vid on who he really is. Did you know his dad sat on the board of eugenicist Margaret Sanger Plan Parenthood?

Looking at the surface of the above, basically, HE WANTS YOU DEAD, by mass genocide.

I disagree

Presumption Of Innocence

This is your reminder that all are considered innocent unless proven guilty. This is according to the Laws in most countries.

If you claim that other people are guilty without an official court statement that they really are, you risk to expose yourself to:

  • An expensive libel lawsuit against you slandering other people. Read more.
  • Make a fool of yourself. Because someone with immature behaviors fooled you into believing FAKE information (disinformation). Which could be discredited to make you look bad and hurt your reputation. Keep in mind that in the future the person targeted by the slender may in fact be proven to be with mature behaviors, and or a Patriot like you.
  • Look & feel to others as a person who is member of a religious cult, with crazy behaviors, with paranoid behaviors
  • Censorship, Block account, Arrest, Prison

Your Vote Matters


It's real! A third poll reveals 33% nonwhite support for Trump submitted by Mipaan to GreatAwakening

Francewhoa1905151045 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

For those who missed the other related Rasmussen poll

Black Voter Support For Trump Quadrupled

Black voter support of Trump quadrupled between 2017 & 2019


"BLEXIT is the black exit from permanent victimhood, the black exit from the false idea that we are somehow separate from the rest of America. BLEXIT is an ongoing widespread black Americans exit from the Democratic Party's plantation."