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Leslie Jones nudes leaked, god save us all! submitted by NorBdelta to funny

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Video of Hillary fainting at WTC ceremony. submitted by FatherOblivion to videos

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MSNBC - 'Hillary entertains her security detail with her Keith Richards impression.'

Yup -

Account Deleted By User submitted by Hickboy to funny

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I don't know if you guys noticed, but @derram started automatically archiving some YouTube links by using I think it's a great idea. submitted by Samsquamch to whatever

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Cool, another bot shitting up the comments. You guys are going to have this place looking like reddit in no time!

How Do You Do, Fellow 'Pedes? submitted by FatherOblivion to whatever

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Trump should listen to Bannon and throw cuck boy Kushner out!

See, I find it kind of interesting that this emerged in the past week. Bannon boarded the Trump Train pretty late in the game, after months of devoting his time & his website to promoting Ted Cruz.

Sundance, over at CTH, did a pretty good write up on this yesterday.