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I don't like how AAA game releases are handled in 2015. submitted by CabinetMosquito to gaming

Enigmius1 0 points 35 points (+35|-0) ago

It releases in November.

Compared to the number of AAA titles that announce games with a year or longer lead time, Fallout 4 is not bad at all.

If the game is worth getting excited about now, it'll be worth getting excited about when it releases. Unless a person is prone to impulse buying, but you can't blame Bethesda for those kinds of bad consumer habits. Some people appreciate the lead time so they can budget for it. $70 isn't a lot of money but people who live hand-to-mouth can't just rub good intentions together and make the money materialize.

Companies announcing games well ahead of launch is not new. It's been happening for many, many years. I don't think this is a "AAA games in 2015" thing. I think this is a "impatient because I can't have Fallout 4 now" thing, rationalized as a criticism of an industry that has been announcing release dates months in advance for decades.

deleted by user submitted by SomeScientologist to gaming

Enigmius1 6 points 24 points (+30|-6) ago

Under no circumstances would PC gamers tolerate having to have their keyboard/mouse "disconnected or non-functional". It would be so much easier to simply have the game ignore input from the keyboard and mouse, but being told you can't use your system's primary input devices because console players can't keep up would also have a savage negative impact on sales.

It feels like you're making a lot of excuses for how this could work by forcing PC gamers to use a controller, but they're all imaginary. You'd be better off telling console gamers to spring for a $30 USB keyboard/mouse combo if they want to compete than telling a PC gamer they have to use a controller because keyboard and mouse is too good.

Dear Target employees: fuck you very much submitted by Kar98 to gaming

Enigmius1 6 points 23 points (+29|-6) ago

You're awfully worked up over a bottle of blue soda.

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That Dragon, Cancer Dev says poor sales are caused by Let's Players submitted by Troll to gaming

Enigmius1 16 points -15 points (+1|-16) ago

It's funny how you choose to blame the developer for the situation instead of the people who are recording the game from start to finish and posting it in video form. Youtubers are responsible for the problem here, not the developers.

The fascinating and tragic story of one of China's most influential games pirates submitted by memnoch87 to gaming

Enigmius1 16 points -13 points (+3|-16) ago

The internet is a breeding ground for entitled assholes who think everyone around them exists for the purpose of providing them with free stuff. Fickle bastards who will pat you on the back one day when you hand them a sandwich and stab you in the back the next because you haven't even got enough food for yourself.

The good news is that most people will outgrow this mentality at some point. First they have to see what they're doing for what it really is, and not being able to do so is what keeps them from maturing. For anyone reading this and wondering how to tell, the first sign is catching yourself flipping out because the free stuff you want is late or not up to your expectations. You get what you pay for.

Fallout 4 Requires a Download on PC, Even if You Bought a Disc submitted by Alpha_Machine to gaming

Enigmius1 12 points -11 points (+1|-12) ago

People who hate DRM because it's DRM are sheep. There are different kinds of DRM, and the initial hatred of DRM stemmed from its intrusive nature, not just because it's DRM. There's a giant fucking difference between DRM that infests your system and is nearly impossible to remove even after you've uninstalled the software it came from and DRM that uses existing platforms and services to make it more difficult to distribute illegally. (I know, I know. The knee-jerk retort is that it's still not impossible to pirate which is fine, because I didn't say impossible...I said more difficult.)

People who would pirate out of spite because of something like this? Assholes. There's no need to sugar coat it. They're trying to justify theft with butthurt. "I asked for no pickles on my burger and you gave me pickles so now I'm bolting without paying the bill." Really? Childish much? Those are the kinds of people that are pirating anyway. They'll find whatever excuse is most convenient and act like nobody sees through their bullshit.

How the hell does having a disc allow someone to "play the game on their own terms"? And more importantly, wtf does "play the game on their own terms" even mean? The game would more than likely have a day 1 update no matter whether Bethesda tried to put everything on physical media or not. That's how games work these days. It would also need to download updates for bug fixes, post-release polish, free content additions and paid DLC, etc. There's no avoiding the role of network transfer in gaming anymore.

You know what you do if you want to backup the updated game? You put it on a flash drive. You update the game, you put the whole damn thing onto a flash drive and then if you ever figure out how having a mobile physical copy allows you to "play the game on your own terms" you can do so. And if the game updates again, you just overwrite the flash drive with the new version. You get your physical copy, you support the developers and pay your way through life like a responsible adult, and you don't have to make dumbass excuses trying to blame the developer for why you're being a parasite.

It's a win for everyone involved.