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Why is it so damn hard and expensive to have a baby in America, while places with zero healthcare and resources produce them by the millions? submitted by Charilko to whatever

DuskGrader 0 points 131 points (+131|-0) ago

Other places don't separate people from the ability to survive without making money.

In Africa, if you don't have a job, you can still pick a plot of land anywhere and raise goats for food, you can collect water from a stream or well. You can build your own shelter.

In the USA, if you try to grow your own food, enough to support you and your family, you will get hit with farm laws, zoning laws, food safety laws if you give some to your neighbors. You can't collect rain water or you can't drill for a well without a permit. And you sure as hell can't build a house out of branches or grass.

In the USA, you're systematically kept from being able to fend for yourself so that you are forced to work for the bankers and the companies they loan to.

Holy Shitshow! TRUMP Out-tweets himself again for the win! --- 4 congress women are "The reason they put directions on a shampoo bottle" submitted by HillaryClintonsShoe to politics

DuskGrader 2 points 77 points (+79|-2) ago

Racism isn't a crime.

It's a political, philosophical, and logical position.

If we're going to start prosecuting people for having illegal political positions, lets start with prosecuting Neo-Communists, Neo-Bolsheviks, and Neo-Soviets. The laws to prosecute them are already on the books. And let's not beat around the bush, they're racist against Whites too.

Thanks California! submitted by TrumpTheGodEmperor to whatever

DuskGrader 1 points 69 points (+70|-1) ago

I have to say I've confirmed this.

Massive discrimination against White applicants for food stamps, housing vouchers, medicare, school applications, job applications, even obama phones.

When a Black person applies for welfare, they get it within a week and it's backdated so they get money from the time of their application. When a White person applies for help, they get at least 6 months of letters requiring verification of their identity. If they don't keep up with the requests, their applications are dropped. If they've already become homeless, it means that they have no mailing address to get the request for more documentation and their application is dropped. If they move into a relative's home, the agencies say they are a dependent and no longer qualify for any aid.

There is systematic discrimination against Whites on the federal and local level.

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Trump Says Ilhan Omar Should Go Back to Africa: 'You Can't Leave Fast Enough' submitted by One-Way_Bus to politics

DuskGrader 14 points -13 points (+1|-14) ago

Omar is one of us. She's a Black Nationalist. We are White Nationalists. We both want Jews out of our countries. We both want to live in our own ethnostates.

The Black Nationalists go after the Jews, because they are most effective at it, can't be called racist.

The response from the Jews and their minions is "Go Back". They promote our cause.

In this dance, the Jews will push for their own repatriation to Israel, the Browns will push for taking down the Jewish cabal. The Whites will take back the USA, then we'll go to war with Africa, the Middle East, South America, toppling the remaining Jewish puppets and returing the non-Whites in the USA and Europe to their respective countries, now free of Jewish occupation. We all win, except the Jews, unless they help defeat Jewish Supremacists. The Jews that help us will be rewarded, they will survive. The Jews that oppose Nationalism, well, you know what happens to them.

So.......imgTC killed off by the jews as well. This is the 5th TOTAL WIPE of all anti-semetic, and other red-pill content ever hosted on voat. submitted by ExpertShitposter to whatever

DuskGrader 13 points -12 points (+1|-13) ago

Well, there's nothing you can do about it.

It's in your best interest, in the movement's best interest, even if you don't see how.

Trump Needs To Deal With the Problem Of Food Production Consolidation In the USA. The Food Cartel Has Leverage Over the USA. submitted by DuskGrader to politics

DuskGrader 11 points -10 points (+1|-11) ago

The current Fed chair isn't White though. He has black hair, he's not one of us.