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Gilette depicts black men intercepting hyper-sexual rapey white men and a black woman being groped by a white man as white audience cheers him on. submitted by Renatus to politics

Doglegwarrior 1 points 126 points (+127|-1) ago

Number of rapes where the attacker was white and the female victem was black???


Do you make less than $38,400/yr? submitted by Mumlbeberry to AskVoat

Doglegwarrior 6 points 100 points (+106|-6) ago

im white I cant do these things because it is not in my nature. there is reason china is communist it is in their nature.

CLOWN WORLD: George Floyd recieves a televised memorial service. A junkie nigger is getting treated like a fucking head of state. submitted by HeebSlayer to news

Doglegwarrior 1 points 95 points (+96|-1) ago

junkie, porn actor, felon, theif, thug, wanna be gangster, drug dealer

the list could go on and on

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I don't know what's stranger: Hillary Clinton wearing some sort of exoskeleton/iron man suit under her clothes or the fact that no one seems to be talking about it submitted by Onlio to whatever

Doglegwarrior 44 points -43 points (+1|-44) ago

Stfu shill piece of shit. If you have not seen those pics go back to reddit you stupid nigger, how the fuck you got up voats just proves u got some shill friends helping you or you are a fucking bot with your pointless negative comments.

The man who voices Snake in the Metal Gear Solid series just named the Jew on twitter submitted by Bill_Murrays_Sandals to gaming

Doglegwarrior 22 points -22 points (+0|-22) ago

Whe. You pussies troll pro sports the insecurity levels of the betas peaks around here. Ive been arou d pro athletes they slay a lot of pussy or marry some super hot girl for example tom brady.

Meet "Alison Nathan," assigned judge to the Ghislaine case submitted by Lurker17 to GreatAwakening

Doglegwarrior 25 points -20 points (+5|-25) ago

this stupid fucking jew movie reference doesnt deserve fucking 5 up votes you idiots. enough of the fucking one liner reddit jokes fuck off its not that funny and a waste of fucking time. go to reddit you assclown wanna be comedian or go tale it to /v jokes you faggot