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Regarding questionable content submitted by Atko to announcements

DigitalRefugee 8 points 116 points (+124|-8) ago

politically motivated censorship

Precisely this. While I do not miss it, the deletion of /v/thefappening can have little other explanation.

Voat needs to be a place resolved against corporate or political influence, much less censorship. While the letter of the law must be observed, the very purpose of Voat is to establish a free community.

German man in balcony who shouted at Iranian Munich Shooter and threw beer bottle to be PROSECUTED for 'hate speech' and 'insulting the dead' submitted by 9-11 to news

DigitalRefugee 1 points 101 points (+102|-1) ago

Got to make that example.

Teach the Germans that even the smallest act of resistance to the breeding program will be dealt with severely.

Account Deleted By User submitted by Ryan8202 to tumblrinaction

DigitalRefugee 0 points 77 points (+77|-0) ago

Yep. This kid will have a fucked up life and stagger from one mental illness to the next. All because Mommy was fucked in the head.and took it out in the kid vicariously and Daddy was too much of a puss to speak up.

edit Editing my comment to share this link from counterpart thread on Plebbit. First time I've felt some faith in humanity for a while.

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What is being done about Voat's finances? We have less than two weeks of uptime left submitted by DigitalRefugee to AskVoat

DigitalRefugee 19 points -10 points (+9|-19) ago

Either way, its time for more transparency.

Do we even have a Warrant Canary?

Without a greater connection to the user base, has all the hallmarks of a Honey Pot.

Let's get some better communication on this issue, @atko and @putitout.

Just another 300 white girls raped and tortured submitted by 1Sorry_SOB to European

DigitalRefugee 12 points -9 points (+3|-12) ago

What they won't tell you:

  • A non-trivial number of these experienced orgasm

  • A non-trivial number of these will now have ongoing rape fantasies, if they didn't already.