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This is where we are now. A final warning before it's too late. submitted by lordvain2 to whatever

Deplorablepoetry 1 points 58 points (+59|-1) ago

I stopped on the side of the highway this morning because there was a car upside-down in the snow, in the ditch.

Dashboard light was on so I wondered if someone was inside.

I parked and slid down the embankment just like the car had.

There was no one inside.

My compassion for a fellow human is what compelled and motivated my action. There is no one around and if I slip and hit my head, it’s so cold that I’d be dead in less than an hour...

Yes, I am white, compassion to a fault

Account Deleted By User submitted by 00001000001100110101 to whatever

Deplorablepoetry 1 points 49 points (+50|-1) ago

Slow down man. You need time to grieve, lots of time. And support, you need support not drugs. So sorry to read about your wife, my condolence.

What the fuck is wrong with your mother? Dude, you gotta distance yourself from her, it sounds like she has mental issues.

Again, take it slow, take everything real slow. Don’t be afraid to cry, it might help, might not.

The pain you feel will not go away with pills, it remains just under the surface of your consciousness.

Like a crutch when your leg is broken, pills can help you get through the tough parts.

You sound like you know what you’re doing.

Stay well.

Modern Christianity is so cucked its not even funny submitted by mralexson to whatever

Deplorablepoetry 8 points 44 points (+52|-8) ago

That faggot is a catholic, nothing Christian about catholic scum.

Pope Satan worships at the alter of Hell.

3 lowest rated comments:

6000 people march against islam in manchester submitted by kittysaysmeownow to news

Deplorablepoetry 36 points -29 points (+7|-36) ago

I had never read/heard the word/term Shitskin until I started reading what you racist goats like to puke.

I couldn't stop saying's the best word ever to offend anyone! Well...shitskin-faggot is kinda bad/good too...

So I told my friend about my new word shitskin expecting some racial .jokingly...understanding?

He didn't equate the colour of poo to being a shitskin. At that moment I realized we are all capable of being shitskins, it has nothing to do with melanin.

Then again, he is a ginger and has no soul......could be evil....could be a shitskin

Arkansas sheriff with a sense of humor submitted by C_Corax to funny

Deplorablepoetry 23 points -21 points (+2|-23) ago

Every pig on voat, all in one place at one time showing their/ your mental abilities.

Fucking hilarious!

All of you low IQ cowards sucking each other’s little coward dick and call each other hero

You are a pathet7excuse for a man

I would ask you to kill yourself but I know do not and will not ever have the balls you criminal fuck stain.

Consider yourself targeted, dumb bitch.


I really hope someone shoots you in the face today!




"Good People Carry Guns And They WILL Shoot You! It's A New Day In The U.S.!" Florida Sheriff submitted by EdSnowden to whatever

Deplorablepoetry 19 points -18 points (+1|-19) ago

Bull shit.

The pig will be celebrated as a hero as all cock sucking coward faggot pigs are.

He is a coward and a piece of shit just like every other coward faggot fuck scum pig.