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steve bannon. chief strategist to the president, part-time sea world attraction submitted by Densz to fatpeoplehate

Densz 0 points 27 points (+27|-0) ago

I'm not even a Democrat. I'm strongly in favor of some of his policies. I don't defend fatties though unlike some unverified commenters. I believe his administration will fail at whatever they try to do because fat people are overgrown toddlers. You can trace a direct line from Trump's lack of impulse control to his enormous, lumbering, fat ass.

Chinese Food submitted by slendermiddleage to fatpeoplehate

Densz 3 points 26 points (+29|-3) ago

What does hating blacks have to do with fat people hate?

Definition of non sequitur

2 : a statement (such as a response) that does not follow logically from or is not clearly related to anything previously said

We were talking about the new restaurant when she threw in some non sequitur about her dog.

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messing with rude, fat workers. they have driven me crazy so i'll drive them crazy. submitted by Densz to fatpeoplehate

Densz 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Bellingham, WA USA. It depends how many people are on the bus and it's not everyone but usually at least half.

"If Gaga is fat, I must be my own planet" submitted by Elumie to fatpeoplehate

Densz 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago

Here are my definitions of 'fat' and 'normal.'

I just googled 'healthy body fat percent women' and google image searched 'body fat levels women' and got this:

"Healthy ranges for women range between 17-24%." Averagely fit, non-athlete women have 21-24% body fat and anything over that is not fit. When I look at the example pictures it correlates perfectly to that; the 25% bf woman looks fat and the ones below that look normal. So I don't think my opinion is due to me ogling pics of supermodels.


"If Gaga is fat, I must be my own planet" submitted by Elumie to fatpeoplehate

Densz 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

I didn't downvote you, that was somebody else.

I googled Lady Gaga and she may've been a 20 bmi in past years but not right now. Either that or she has relatively low muscle mass and relatively high body fat for her weight aka skinnyfat. She definitely looks like she is doing something majorly wrong with her lifestyle.

If you google image search 'runway supermodel' you get skinny women. If you google image search 'madonna body' or 'gwen stefani body' you get normal women. If you google image search 'lady gaga superbowl' you get a woman who has just passed over the red line into fatness territory for sure. I don't know why someone would settle for looking like Lady Gaga when she could easiy just replace some foods with vegetables, avoid prolonged sitting, stop boozing so much and look like Madonna or Stefani instead. Gaga looks like the poster child for the generation that spends 11 hours per day in front of a screen while spending as much time outdoors as a prisoner.