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Dems & MSM behaving like demons during an Exorcism, submitted: 10/21/2020 8:27:37 AM, 73 points (+74|-1)

Is anyone else sick of Ann Coulter's incessant bitching?, submitted: 1/26/2019 6:58:32 AM, 42 points (+53|-11)

You old goats are a fucking bad influence on me, and I love it!, submitted: 9/19/2018 4:00:06 AM, 25 points (+27|-2)

I'm not 100% sure that was actually Joe on the stage tonight,, submitted: 9/30/2020 8:48:00 AM, 25 points (+28|-3)

After all these years, I'm finally in Twatter Jail!, submitted: 10/16/2020 3:39:00 AM, 23 points (+24|-1)

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From an only child, daughter, unwanted by her mother., submitted: 2/17/2019 6:11:01 AM, -1 points (+3|-4)

I'm not 100% sure that was actually Joe on the stage tonight., submitted: 9/30/2020 9:02:50 AM, 2 points (+5|-3)

Don't blame your physician if they can't prescribe the HCQ cocktail., submitted: 8/6/2020 6:49:09 AM, 5 points (+5|-0)

RE: The Shrieking Orangutans of the Left, submitted: 9/21/2018 2:48:52 AM, 9 points (+10|-1)

WWG1WGA! Excellent music video dedicated to Q and us., submitted: 9/21/2018 4:05:24 AM, 9 points (+9|-0)

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"Judge Kavanagh was a virgin all the way through college. His accuser, Ford, had 64 partners in high school! Who do you believe?" Can this shitshow get any more surreal? submitted by mr_shamalama to GreatAwakening

DaraChaos 0 points 51 points (+51|-0) ago

This is awful! This poor man has had to disclose his virginity on national TV! Next thing they'll be questioning his wife about their wedding night! I want them find every guy that that slut Ford slept with and depose them! I am outraged!

Q wants us to go RETWEET a tweet submitted by srayzie to GreatAwakening

DaraChaos 0 points 31 points (+31|-0) ago

This video is hilarious! Btw, this is my first post as a new/refugee fag. I have read everything that I could find about the confusion of the last couple of days, and I do understand your concerns. I'm just gonna lurk a bit until I get acclimated to the new surroundings. Thank you, @srayzie for the warm welcome!

Observations on Neon Revolt's Latest Article submitted by Blacksmith21 to GreatAwakening

DaraChaos 1 points 28 points (+29|-1) ago

I agree. I have no issues with people trying to cover the cost of hosting, bandwidth, etc. In fact I remember that a few months ago, NR's site went down for a short time due to exceeding bandwidth allocation. I don't consider trying to make ends meet the same as Corsi-type profiteering.

However, I have become very disturbed by NR's posts and behavior since The Great Diaspora from Reddit. I did not like or appreciate his unfounded attacks on @srayzie and @Shizy. He didn't present any proof that anything was amiss with mods on this sub, but rather just pretty much said, "They're rotten. Trust me because I say so." I was already aware, before landing here, of Voat's reputation for hazing newfags, and I'm fine with that. But @srayzie reached out and welcomed us with open arms, and I thanked her for that.

My opinion of NR has definitely diminished because of all of this!

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Laura Loomer permanent twitter ban for criticising Sharia Law submitted by MolochHunter to GreatAwakening

DaraChaos 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago

Get over it! It's much cleaner and healthier. Just don't have an Orthodox Rabbi involved.

It's not about homosexuality or heterosexuality... STOP promoting SEXUALITY to children... let kids be kids. submitted by Dauphin to GreatAwakening

DaraChaos 5 points -2 points (+3|-5) ago

We have a few friends who happen to be gay. They are disgusted with pedophilia, and have no desire to "convert" anyone. They are some of the kindest people that we know. They do not support any of this!