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Nothing makes jews and blacks cry more then strong white families, submitted: 9/16/2020 3:23:22 PM, 329 points (+335|-6)

Oy Vey as jewbook bans everything exposing kike lies, submitted: 3/19/2020 11:20:11 PM, 260 points (+269|-9)

Give blacks an inch, they will kill you, submitted: 10/26/2020 4:38:41 AM, 199 points (+204|-5)

Salty jewish bitch, submitted: 8/17/2020 12:06:12 AM, 195 points (+198|-3)

Have you noticed the jews replace all red heads in entertainment with black trash ? It seems kikes hate red haired whites more then any other kind., submitted: 10/6/2020 3:51:31 AM, 193 points (+197|-4)

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Milk is good for us, because we're different species submitted by dirdum to HDLunited

DanielR 7 points 33 points (+40|-7) ago

all caucasians can eat milk not just nords

in fact asians can too

so it leaves niggers and kikes as inhuman

Bad decisions were made. submitted by trofa to HDLunited

DanielR 1 points 31 points (+32|-1) ago

The toll demands payement and she knows she cant escape it

what if a pro-hong-kong mickey mouse started going viral? submitted by Baconmon to whatever

DanielR 13 points 30 points (+43|-13) ago

How about "ANTI_ISRAEL" mickey mouse going viral instead you fking shill

3 lowest rated comments:

Irish lads gang up on nigger invaders. submitted by MaxineWaters to whatever

DanielR 16 points -16 points (+0|-16) ago

whites dont have empathy issues stop saying that

we are no different then our other caucasian cousins from the middle east and north africa

the only difference is we let soft nigger lovers live, when our cousins kill them

NEVER fuck with Roll Patrol submitted by folkov to HDLunited

DanielR 14 points -13 points (+1|-14) ago

I would just punch ur ass, then go back and touch the roll some more

fking cuck, harassing whites who go shopping

Black Woman Destroys White Privilege Myth - Asks the JQ submitted by dundundunnnnn to videos

DanielR 8 points -8 points (+0|-8) ago

Nigger wants gibz from whites by kissing white ass a little

Nice try for keeping on posting these garbage "based nigger" trash