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Timelapse of Syrian Civil War, submitted: 9/14/2015 11:12:19 AM, 35 points (+35|-0)

Norm McDonald wrecks (saves?) interview on Conan., submitted: 7/18/2015 7:48:01 AM, 19 points (+19|-0)

As a former smoker, I really enjoyed Craig Ferguson's candid monologue about alcoholism and addiction., submitted: 7/9/2015 8:47:59 AM, 12 points (+12|-0)

Hello everybody., submitted: 7/9/2015 8:34:27 AM, 8 points (+8|-0)

My toddler has fallen in love with this brachiosaurus song., submitted: 8/10/2015 3:40:27 AM, 7 points (+7|-0)

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Hillary Clinton speech writer can't help but mouth the words, submitted: 1/14/2016 8:11:21 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

My Zbrush Build. Just looking for input before I make the purchase. , submitted: 8/20/2015 6:57:34 AM, 2 points (+2|-0)

No matter how many times I see this, it always gives me goosebumps. , submitted: 9/26/2015 10:39:17 AM, 3 points (+3|-0)

Best PC build for Zbrush?, submitted: 8/10/2015 7:53:27 PM, 4 points (+4|-0)

Best PC for ZBrush under $1400 (already have a graphics card), submitted: 8/10/2015 6:19:21 PM, 5 points (+5|-0)

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Crazy feminist accusing US Postal Service man of stalking her submitted by NSFL to videos

Dadosaurus 1 points 38 points (+39|-1) ago

I didn't see anything about that which was specifically feminist... just good old fashioned crazy.

What women really want money: Research finds women look for well-paid job first in partner submitted by denart to mgtow

Dadosaurus 0 points 27 points (+27|-0) ago

I think this fact, maybe more than any others, explains why men earn more money than women: they fucking have to or women won't give them the time of day.

75 Percent of Americans Perceive "Widespread Corruption" in Gov't submitted by axolotl__peyotl to news

Dadosaurus 1 points 21 points (+22|-1) ago

The trouble is, the root of all of this corruption is that most forms of corruption are legal. That's the real end-game of a corrupt system when they've made corruption legal and fighting corruption into a crime.

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I view a fatty complaining about depression the same way I do a fatty complaining about sore knees. 99.9% chance that their "mental health issue" is BEING FAT. submitted by ShitlordingIsLove to fatpeoplehate

Dadosaurus 5 points -5 points (+0|-5) ago

if everybody had willpower and strength of character to eat right, exercise, do all of their home work, study in their time off, maintain a garden, do their own car repairs, invest wisely, and save for retirement, this would be a very different world, but people are human.

Life is a constant struggle between what you want to do and what you should be doing. To be honest, very few of us have nothing better to do than to be hanging around Voat right now. Most of us could probably think of something that would be a more enriching use of our time. Everyone excuses themselves for a certain amount of non-optimal behavior because willpower is hard,

Now, I won't make any excuses for a culture that lets people off too easy for blaming their problems on external factors. As hard as willpower and self-discipline are to achieve, we should expect that people learn to handle their shit. It's hard to get up on time in the morning, but we don't typically tolerate people being late for work on account of being "restfully impaired"or whatever the fuck term someone might self-apply to excuse their chronic tardiness. There's too much responsibility dodging, and there's too much blame shifting.

However, while we shouldn't condone irresponsibility, that doesn't mean we should deny empathy for people who struggle. I'm not fat, but I am a former smoker. I smoked for 10 years, and most of that time, I knew it was the wrong thing to be doing. I struggled to find the willpower to kick that habit. When I finally quit was the only time I ever got a little fat. As many quitters do, I gained about 30lbs over the next year, because the impulse to satiate some sort of urge every hour was more powerful than I was for a while. Then I lost that wieght, and that was hard. It's hard maintaining a caloric deficit for a long period of time. I did it, but I almost didn't. When it came down to it, I had the strength to get it done, but it's not like I had a bunch of self-discipline to spare. I can only imagine how much harder it would have been if I were seriously fat to begin with rather than just a little overweight. I lost about a pound a week for 30 weeks. After a couple months though, I'd lost 1/3rd of the weight I needed to. How much harder would it have been if, instead of being 30lbs over weight,I was 100lbs over weight, and if after a year I was only half way there, and still grotesquely overweight. Would I have had the strength to persevere?

I'm not saying that, because I've struggled with forms of self-disciple at times in my own life, we need to accept fat-acceptance; excusing myself as I excuse others. I'm just saying that people who fail at self-discipline are failing at something difficult. It's not easy to lose weight, and some people just don't have what it takes to pull it off. I'm not making any excuses for that; if we don't judge people by the strength of their character than what do we judge them by? But, we can still have empathy for their struggles.

I wasn't lucky to be thin, but maybe I was lucky to be disciplined or maybe I was lucky to realize I was getting fat before I was too far gone. What do you do if you're too weak of a person to fix your problems, and what do we do about them? Do we just double up on our condescension for both their issues they suffer and the lack of character that led to those issues? I don't think so. I think people have the right to complain and seek compassion, even when their problems are self-inflicted. I think that people can feel miserable about problems that are their own fault. Because, nobody is perfect. Almost all of our problems are our own fault. Everyone struggles with self-discipline. Some people struggle and win, and some people struggle and lose.

Account Deleted By User submitted by dancingqueen to NeoFAG

Dadosaurus 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago

I'm not sure I understand. What's wrong with someone being bummed they didn't get any phone calls from their family on their birthday?

deleted by user submitted by Aoe123 to askgoat

Dadosaurus 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

Unfortunately, free speech is disproportionately popular among racists and assholes. I hope that the demographics of the site will even out over time.