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Trump administration sent 18 tons of critical medical supplies to China, now needed in US, submitted: 3/31/2020 4:48:17 AM, -5 points (+2|-7)

I've discovered a new attack vector on reddit, submitted: 1/23/2018 5:10:29 PM, -4 points (+2|-6)

LifeProTips shits all over the reddit redesign that also spies on you, submitted: 7/9/2018 9:22:55 PM, 0 points (+3|-3)

Asian shares mixed on dovish Yellen, China flash PMI, submitted: 2/25/2015 7:23:35 AM, 0 points (+1|-1)

Bring sponsored accounts to Voat, submitted: 12/21/2015 2:13:47 AM, 0 points (+11|-11)

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Reddit fires the wrong admin. submitted by go1dfish to MeanwhileOnReddit

Cuilrunnings 0 points 74 points (+74|-0) ago

Reports are that she tried to negotiate her salary, and Pao fired her on the spot.

/r/science mod deletes comment refuting white privilege. Asks the poster to "edit in a peer reviewed research paper" to prove it doesn't to restore his comment. submitted by Cuilrunnings to MeanwhileOnReddit

Cuilrunnings 1 points 56 points (+57|-1) ago

Bonus points: look at what other subreddits that Mod is in charge of.

Nestle's California Water Theft Censored by Reddit submitted by Dadoboy to MeanwhileOnReddit

Cuilrunnings 1 points 39 points (+40|-1) ago

Pro-woman, anti-male sexism

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(((Porhhub))) accused of deleting tweets where they admit 15-year-old trafficked girl was a "verified" user submitted by uvulectomy to news

Cuilrunnings 10 points -8 points (+2|-10) ago

What was her stage name?

12 Year Old Girl's Grandmother Kidnaps her from hospital at gunpoint to prevent transgender surgery submitted by Cuilrunnings to news

Cuilrunnings 7 points -5 points (+2|-7) ago

I'm sorry that's all I can provide at the moment. The grandmother has been arrested and I'm sure the full story will be coming out.

When America Was 'Great,' Taxes Were High and Unions Were Strong submitted by cynoclast to politics

Cuilrunnings 14 points -4 points (+10|-14) ago

Oh come on even those idiots Reddit liberals could see through this propaganda.