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Pelosi is a lying bitch. Enough said. " "The president is asking people to inject Lysol into their lungs" submitted by rickki6 to GreatAwakening

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I knew (as I'm sure we all did) this is what his comments were going to turn into. I'm watching this play out exactly as expected. And it is absolutely making my blood boil. I believe that POTUS knows more than we do, chooses what he says when very carefully, and this is strategy, but FUCK!!! Not one person I know watches the pressers, but they'll go around regurgitating this shit like it's fact and I cannot fucking deal anymore!!!! Okay, rant over. For now...

Egg demand shifted, and 61,000 Minnesota chickens were euthanized submitted by waldo1899 to GreatAwakening

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And we can't get eggs at the fucking grocery store here!!! Omg, the food supply aspect of this thing so so fucked up and wasteful it's depressing.

Q4005 See Rachel Maddow show transcript 5//17/17 submitted by kestrel9 to GreatAwakening

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Bravo! Constantly amazed by the anons doing the grunt work.

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Dr Tony Fauci submitted by Blacksmith21 to GreatAwakening

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Um, is H Hillary? H works better with A...Hillary works better with adrenochrome?

"I read the Stimulus Small Business Loans & companies can borrow 2.5 months of payroll/rent." submitted by Patriotknife100 to GreatAwakening

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Where I work (an essential business), they cut EVERYONE down to 32 hours last week, saying we can use existing PTO or go in the hole on it. The owner said he was going to take out a loan to cover the unearned PTO. It's being presented to us as this grand gesture, but they're only trying to create indentured servitude. Everyone assumes the owner is trying to double-dip and that the plan is to screw us out of PTO, get the money from the stimulus, and never give us our PTO back. We're all going to try to get approved for unemployment under Covid-19 for reduced hours. We hope that will prevent him from doing that.

TLDR; small business owners: never miss the opportunity to use a crisis to take advantage of your employees

Analysis of Partially Unredacted FISA Footnotes: FBI Knew that Chrisopher Steele Had NO Reliable Sources for the Trump Dossier submitted by Qdini to GreatAwakening

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I know it's important, but I am SO bored of the Steele Dossier stuff...