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One 8Chan anons explanation of what happened today submitted by ThinkItThrough to theawakening

Colin_Kelley 0 points 41 points (+41|-0) ago

I think this analysis is spot on, but something else is starting to take shape. Trump has now asked for an FBI Investigation not to exceed one week. My instinct tells me there is something going on here. Trump pushed rolling out his new cell phone warning system to Oct 6. That tells me there may be a plan. Why did Trump order this FBI investigation when he did not need to? I have a hunch there are going to be surprises in that new FBI report. Maybe Dr. Ford does not actually have a PHD? Maybe she had several abortions as a teenager? Maybe she is an MK Ultra kid. Maybe they can prove she lied under oath. But also, Kavanaugh has been investigated six times by the old, corrupt FBI -- maybe the new FBI will find something the old overlooked. This could be a terrific opportunity for Judge Kavanaugh to testify under oath about what really happened in the Vince Foster murder investigation, and the GW Bush White House. I just think there is something more going on here than meets the eye -- and it is something good. The Democrats continuously underestimate Trump.

Logan Act violations? Why was Kerry still pretending to be Secretary of State? submitted by Smo-Guiver to theawakening

Colin_Kelley 0 points 15 points (+15|-0) ago

This is not just a technicality. It is pretty serious. Kerry who still has his security clearance is subverting President Trump by giving help, info and comfort our enemy. He crossed the line.

Breitbart just censored this post. They are not who they say they are. We have a problem. submitted by Colin_Kelley to politics

Colin_Kelley 2 points 11 points (+13|-2) ago

They do what they are told to do by each client.

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The Democrats are Stupid and Have Destroyed Themselves. This is their last hurrah. submitted by Colin_Kelley to politics

Colin_Kelley 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

I pretty much agree with you. There are really good, honest, decent, God fearing, salt of he earth Jews -- actually it is probably most of them. The problem is they defend, protect and cover for each other, out of loyalty but also out of fear. They are very good at social pressure and at intimidation, and at being polite and in taking care of each other. Harvey Weinstein never attacked or raped a Jewish actress, as an example. Any Goyim was fair game. The way I see it, the Satanists are hiding out among the Jews. They are Khazarian Satanists, not Jews. But their one world government conspiracy has co-opted the Jews. It seems inevitable, these evil people are going to bring down a future holocaust on all Jews -- both good and bad. It seems to me that their one world government conspiracy -- and this is why they put so much energy, money and effort into it -- is being fanatically pursued to preemptively deny any future holocaust. I believe that is the real purpose is behind it this conspiracy. A lot of good Jews buy into the one world government goal. I am afraid is among them. Their attitude is "the best way to stop your enemy is to be the leader of your enemy." Preventing a holocaust is their real reason for wanting a one world government. It is Satanic, but Jews have lined up behind it, even Chabad..

Breitbart just censored this post. They are not who they say they are. We have a problem. submitted by Colin_Kelley to politics

Colin_Kelley 6 points -1 points (+5|-6) ago

It is more along the line of Social Pressure. This is how I see it. The owners of Breitbart are themselves Jews. The daughter, Rebekka, is essentially the editor in chief. Her father retired. She is a hands on owner. She brought in Caroline Glick, to write pro articles about Israel from time to time. They are both really nice, intelligent, good people and are considered among the Jews to be conservative. So what is the problem? Jews stick together. There are really good and really evil people working for Mossad. They will attack and murder people who are not Jews but never other Jews. The Rothschilds and their cabal are evil Satanists hiding among the Jews, and pretending to be Jews, and they are doing horrible things that give good Jews a bad name. And the good Jews go along with it. The good Jews have blood on their hands. The dirty little secret is that evil Rothschild Satanic Cult is anti semitic. They are intentionally trying to create a backlash, a holocaust, that will come down on good Jews and Christians alike. The tragedy is that good Jews like the Mercers and Caroline Glick are apparently helping and covering for them. The Rothschild cabal has appropriated their culture and is using that against them. What they are doing is self destructive. Think about Jared Kushner's father doing jail time. A lot of Jews believe, and it is in their culture, even the bylaws of Chabad, that it is ok to swindle and cheat Goyim (non Jews -- the word implies contempt.) as long as they are ethical and nice to their fellow Jews. Harvey Weinstein never raped a jewish actress, for instance. This attitude isolates and sets them apart from the world and binds them together. To me what is happening is a classic Greek tragedy. There is a holocaust building. All Jews can sense it. I think this is why Breitbart is censoring so heavily on this subject. They are trying to slow it down -- head it off at the pass. Carolyn Glick has given speeches on "the next holocaust". Make no mistake -- the zionist energy behind much of the Zionist One World Government effort is to try to "holocaust the world" before the "world holocausts them". It is so evil. But I think that is why so many good Jews have signed on to it. The Mercers may have signed on. I don't know. But, if they have, that is what is motivating them. These are huge, important thoughts. I is getting at the truth.

Warning both Breitbart and Fox News have joined the voices that are trying to take Trump down -- even Tucker Carlson submitted by Colin_Kelley to politics

Colin_Kelley 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Really stupid logic. Has nothing to do with next week.