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One 8Chan anons explanation of what happened today submitted by ThinkItThrough to theawakening

Colin_Kelley 0 points 41 points (+41|-0) ago

I think this analysis is spot on, but something else is starting to take shape. Trump has now asked for an FBI Investigation not to exceed one week. My instinct tells me there is something going on here. Trump pushed rolling out his new cell phone warning system to Oct 6. That tells me there may be a plan. Why did Trump order this FBI investigation when he did not need to? I have a hunch there are going to be surprises in that new FBI report. Maybe Dr. Ford does not actually have a PHD? Maybe she had several abortions as a teenager? Maybe she is an MK Ultra kid. Maybe they can prove she lied under oath. But also, Kavanaugh has been investigated six times by the old, corrupt FBI -- maybe the new FBI will find something the old overlooked. This could be a terrific opportunity for Judge Kavanaugh to testify under oath about what really happened in the Vince Foster murder investigation, and the GW Bush White House. I just think there is something more going on here than meets the eye -- and it is something good. The Democrats continuously underestimate Trump.

Trump's Secret Message to Nancy. submitted by SerialBrain2 to theawakening

Colin_Kelley 0 points 18 points (+18|-0) ago

I just want to say thank you for posting this -- it is really and eye opener, and important.

Logan Act violations? Why was Kerry still pretending to be Secretary of State? submitted by Smo-Guiver to theawakening

Colin_Kelley 0 points 15 points (+15|-0) ago

This is not just a technicality. It is pretty serious. Kerry who still has his security clearance is subverting President Trump by giving help, info and comfort our enemy. He crossed the line.

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Let's pass a law that says life starts at conception, abortion is murder, and let's make it RETROACTIVE. submitted by Colin_Kelley to theawakening

Colin_Kelley 5 points -5 points (+0|-5) ago

Not sure I agree. But it may take a Constitutional Amendment to make it such that expost facto laws ARE allowed.

Am I the only one feeling grossed out about Sessions being called a traitor? submitted by QNirmanakaya to theawakening

Colin_Kelley 4 points -4 points (+0|-4) ago

I do not want Sessions back in the Senate. No good can come from it. He is petty, small minded, vindictive, mean. I do not trust Sessions. He was not a good AG. He does not love Trump. He set Trump up. He protected Rosenstein. He is deep state. He will be another Mitt Romney. Durham did nothing. Some of the people making comments here are shills on his campaign staff. Sessions is also too old. His time has come and gone.

To the Satanic Rothschild Cabal, child sacrifice, spirit cooking, and pedophia are ESSENTIAL tools. They are at the core of their evil system. They could not exist without them. submitted by Colin_Kelley to theawakening

Colin_Kelley 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

I understand your anger but you are naive. The cabal is far worse and more dangerous than that. There are a lot of high level Jews among them (but the Cabal is not only Jewish). They think of all Jews as "useful idiots" to be exploited. They could care less if they get killed in a holocaust -- that is what they want. They are the most anti Semitic people on earth. Their goal is to divide and conquer -- get us fighting with each other.