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Fat "Dancer" punches kid in the head, submitted: 10/3/2018 4:33:31 AM, -13 points (+6|-19)

Hooray! Less free food for poor fat people!, submitted: 3/17/2017 12:04:26 AM, -8 points (+6|-14)

Innocent man killed in "swatting" attack was a fatty., submitted: 1/2/2018 5:56:54 AM, -8 points (+8|-16)

NYTimes on "Biggest Losers" gaining back weight, with lots of fat symaphy, fat logic, fat excuses, and whale tears, submitted: 5/4/2016 11:04:15 PM, -7 points (+1|-8)

Is that her AGE or her BMI?, submitted: 2/7/2019 8:01:19 PM, -6 points (+13|-19)

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deleted by user submitted by heyimhayley to fatpeoplehate

ChicagoSunroof 0 points 101 points (+101|-0) ago

You should have asked the University to provide a 'safe space' where you can go to avoid this dangerous lecture.

I got stuck with a ham as a roommate because of it's "cundishuns." submitted by Gismonda to fatpeoplehate

ChicagoSunroof 0 points 96 points (+96|-0) ago

found out that night that this shitbag can't even breathe properly at night and could break the world record for loudest snore

Any landlord, including a College, needs to provide some basic arrangements, one of them being the right to "quiet enjoyment" of your rented residence. (It has a specific legal meaning. see )

You need to call a LAWYER immediately. See if there's a free "Legal Aid" organization. They love landlord/tennant issues. Let them put this beast in a private accommodation. Let the school know you will sue because you can't properly attend college if you can't sleep, and you're not getting the basic accommodation you're paying for.

HOLY SHIT THE DOWNVOAT BUTTON IN FPH. MY SIDES submitted by farmer- to fatpeoplehate

ChicagoSunroof 0 points 93 points (+93|-0) ago

I'm so new, I can't upvote or downvote.

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Fat welfare mom forces obesity on 13-year-old submitted by bababastard to fatpeoplehate

ChicagoSunroof 16 points -14 points (+2|-16) ago

I don't see any exceptions to the "no sympathy rule." And I don't think we should make one. He could call CPS.

The difference between hams and humans in a crisis submitted by morbidobesity to fatpeoplehate

ChicagoSunroof 13 points -12 points (+1|-13) ago

There are no healthy weight people there. And I'm not sure it would be a Bad Thing if that fatty kid playing on his cell phone got hit in the head with a bat.

Obese Women think they can use their fugly bodies to convince men not to vote for Trump. I'm not sure about their logic. [NSFW] submitted by ChicagoSunroof to fatpeoplehate

ChicagoSunroof 7 points -7 points (+0|-7) ago

The men look better than the women--none of the men seem to be overweight. But only one of the women isn't overweight.