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Just Oprah chillin with George Soros, submitted: 1/11/2018 1:03:53 AM, 176 points (+177|-1)

I don't live in the UK, but if I did, police would be on my doorstep immediately for posting this., submitted: 3/25/2018 5:04:32 PM, 110 points (+112|-2)

Multiculturalism for Israel, submitted: 2/1/2018 11:46:38 PM, 84 points (+85|-1)

Ron Paul shitlording from the 80's, submitted: 1/10/2018 12:43:11 AM, 46 points (+48|-2)

Lauren Redd's boobs, submitted: 2/10/2018 1:51:40 PM, 39 points (+44|-5)

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Let. Them. In. submitted by DietCokehead1 to whatever

CharlieSheensAIDS 0 points 50 points (+50|-0) ago

Ah, the Red Hen has switched to a merit-based system of "extreme vetting" of its entrants. Love it.

Account Deleted By User submitted by adhdferret to whatever

CharlieSheensAIDS 1 points 46 points (+47|-1) ago

Europe: police assistance day or night... unless you are being raped or attacked by a migrant. Because that would be racist.

Yesss, cry those fake butter tears Mess Hoggday, you can't fool us. Eyebleach of a real human model mother and her child in the comments. submitted by conchpearls1 to fatpeoplehate

CharlieSheensAIDS 0 points 37 points (+37|-0) ago

She's crying about 3 zits but not about the extra 300 lbs. she's carrying? Dafuq...

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When will white women learn? submitted by voatuser1128 to whatever

CharlieSheensAIDS 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago

Burn the coal, pay the toll.

What's "overrated" in your opinion? submitted by CharlieSheensAIDS to AskVoat

CharlieSheensAIDS 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago

One Rick and Morty loving soyboy disliked this post

What should I do about this situation? I have de-modded the other mods of /v/Identitarians until further notice. (TLDR; Anon puts shadow332 and kevdude under fire. Is it legit?) submitted by DietCokehead1 to AskVoat

CharlieSheensAIDS 5 points 0 points (+5|-5) ago

I understand the concern, but the anon aspect raises doubts. If you can't bring these issues to light without hiding behind anon, I would question it. Looking at the modlog, only 1 comment was deleted, and I believe shadow was in the wrong for deleting it. Does that mean he should be booted? That's your call Dietcokehead.