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Not what Doc and Marty expected, submitted: 10/21/2015 4:55:13 PM, 440 points (+449|-9)

San Francisco principal delays vote results, saying winners arent diverse, submitted: 10/20/2015 4:53:20 PM, 206 points (+208|-2)

A black American man is applying for refugee status in Canada, citing police racism. Dont laugh., submitted: 11/3/2015 1:40:41 AM, 112 points (+121|-9)

When the milk has gone bad, submitted: 9/26/2015 2:41:03 AM, 84 points (+89|-5)

Atko's reaction when Spez that Voat's subscriber numbers are bogus., submitted: 10/7/2015 2:13:22 AM, 83 points (+85|-2)

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deleted by user submitted by thejudgeofhumans to whatever

Caddis 10 points 14 points (+24|-10) ago

Who gives a fuck?

Lookie here...PV doesn't only want to control non-@system subs, they are going after users now. Sounds like a familiar sub over at Reddit. submitted by Caddis to Meanwhile

Caddis 17 points 11 points (+28|-17) ago

Not rustled at all. I really don't give a fuck.

With the sticky, you have turned PV into ShitVoatSays. You can deny that, but it's true.

And you got trolled once again. Fucking pathetic.

deleted by user submitted by deleted to Meanwhile

Caddis 16 points 9 points (+25|-16) ago

Good catch. Complains about downvotes...starts a brigade. Also, he starts subs that nobody gives a shit about. Poor @Crensch. Now wondering how many alts he has.

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@AmyAcker deleted a submission that had the word "nigger" in it. I pinged mod to see what was up and the other submissions were deleted. How is this any different from @she? submitted by Caddis to ProtectVoat

Caddis 17 points -16 points (+1|-17) ago

She either didn't know what dindu meant

What a fucking joke.

Right here proves that PV is the equivalent of SRS. Keep making excuses for your favorite mods.

Is it time for /v/news to drop rule #2 or enforce on every submission? submitted by Caddis to ProtectVoat

Caddis 16 points -15 points (+1|-16) ago

I have seen this posted several times. Yes, the mods need to step in an remove the submission from /v/news. It's not fucking news.

I rarely log on anymore and just lurk around, but if rules are posted in the sidebar they should be followed.

Guess what...I'll still use Imgur.

Edit: I take it that selling shirts is news. Downvote away.

I have a top secret clearance. My coworkers and I work with classified information on a daily basis. We are all outraged and shellshocked. The FBI just ended our Republic. July 5th, 2016. submitted by chmod to politics

Caddis 14 points -14 points (+0|-14) ago

No you don't. Garbage like this is the top post... Voat is a fucking joke.