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NOOO!!! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE ON MY SIDE! submitted by HeavyBeefCurtain to politics

Blood-is-Nature 2 points 220 points (+222|-2) ago

...out there...with white face

Hey rabbi; whatcha doin?

Wife going through a post partum psychosis submitted by Jay3Fisher to whatever

Blood-is-Nature 1 points 151 points (+152|-1) ago

You are away is what's happening. The current situation is psychological warfare and a female with heightened maternal instincts inside an extremely elevated stress situation (thanks to clown world) requires more protection to feel at ease. She wants to protect her child, but can't comprehend how to protect him from the outside world. Your masculinity is the conductor for this. No drugs; no doctors. Instead get her parents, your parents, siblings, even close friends or neighbors under the same roof, while giving them a productive project to work on, so that there's enough unity for protection so that you can still do your job efficiently. Once your son turns a year, you put the next one into the oven until the supply runs out.

Never let a female alone in her head. Keep her busy, keep her safe and teach her how to branch out motherhood. At no point should she even waste a second on the outside world.

I lost my wife yesterday submitted by YugeDick to whatever

Blood-is-Nature 1 points 125 points (+126|-1) ago

Dude, get out and get busy physically, chopping wood until you break down and such. It's crucial that you don't spend time in your head right now, because that will cause more harm than the physical exhaustion could ever do. Same with your kids...literally work through it instead of the psychology lie of giving each other space to get over it themselves. It's your sweat in exchange for her blood. It's a cleansing ritual for all of you and you will come out more unified if you struggle the right way; the productive way.

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Teen Vogue Tells Quarantined Young Girls to Have 'Fun' Sexting submitted by Harpfor7 to news

Blood-is-Nature 17 points -15 points (+2|-17) ago

Glorifying sex is immoral, unethical and has long term consequences.

What you're actually saying is... glorifying the distinction between male and female is immoral according to the religious definitions of morality and has long term consequences defined by men made judgments.

You were deceived to corrupt your own intent by restricting your comprehension of reality with false beliefs.

Account Deleted By User submitted by ShitskinsFuckCorpses to funny

Blood-is-Nature 12 points -12 points (+0|-12) ago

And little did you know that proper English is already improper Latin.

"To Change The World We Need To Kill White People" - "They need to die!" submitted by Moon_Central to news

Blood-is-Nature 12 points -11 points (+1|-12) ago

If all non-whites were killed, humanity, ergo the White race only, would colonize Mars

So you want war to achieve war (Mars; the god of war)? Good luck selling that.


"hundred" in gematria encodes to 74 (11), "2250" (9). Is it a coincidence that you used that specific year and wrote out "hundred"?