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So, Netflix decides to make The Witcher. And they make Ciri a nigger. submitted by Troll to gaming

Black_Phillip 0 points 130 points (+130|-0) ago

This is a slap in the face to Polish people. These books and games were a not only a representation of of our culture but the hardship our country faced throughout history. I was skeptical once I heard it would be on Netflix and done by an American director.

Fuck this shit.

The difference between incels and MGTOW submitted by Obeastiality to whatever

Black_Phillip 6 points 62 points (+68|-6) ago

Nah, incels are different, here's why.

Incels disguise themselves as MGTOW but they're really still blue pill cucks who believe in romantic love "somewhere" out there still. They like to co opt it because it validates their inability to attract women. An incel is the inverse of a PUA, both depend on a woman’s validation at the end of the day

Plenty of successful MGTOW who had a long time career with women. Even successful good looking men that women throw themselves at. They just don't talk about it. You can think what you want though, the beauty is we don't care. We focus on ourselves and our own purpose.

Walking away from women doesn't mean you "can't get laid" but because of gynocentrism and feminist laws they have decided getting divorce raped, getting accused of false domestic violence (Duluth model), rape, or even pedophillia (many women do this to take the kids away) with absolutely no evidence is not worth it. Family court or title 9 kangaroo courts that destroy men's lives on a DAILY basis because basic constitutional rights don't exist for men, isn't worth it. Going to prison or becoming homeless because you can't meet your unreasonable child support payments for a non violent crime isn't worth it. Getting fired from your job just because a women wants to take your position so she lies to management about something you didn't do or say (happens all the time) isn't worth it. A women lying to you that a child is yours when it's really another man's to trick you into raising it (30% paternity fraud in U.S., 48% in the UK, that's just men who actually get the test) - isn't worth it. And it doesn't even have to be a marriage contract that causes all of these to happen.

And I could keep going if you want, or I could just say some men think the juice isn't worth the squeeze, realize feminism won after the second wave and would rather find meaning in their lives other than an overpriced wet hole.

We realize that really the only solution is taking women's rights away.

The feminist cucks destroy their society obviously, and the traditionalist cucks who believe marriage and family can work WITHOUT male authority are just as wrong. You cannot have responsibility without authority over that which you are responsible for. I want you to think about for a moment - just a moment - having responsibility over your child and their actions but no authority to tell them what to do. What do you think would happen? What if they could also vote on top of that?

Women have rights they did not earn and thus will take advantage of everything. It's why the welfare state is what it is and will only get worse. Men are paying for it at a 200% rate while a women by age 50 is a -$150,000 net tax drain on the system.

And why? Because women are majority voters.

Patriarchy is the only way. The West has no country in it that has fertility over replacement, your society is literally dying around you but you refuse to see why. And it doesn't have to be violent Muslim patriarchy. Look at the Amish who have a less than 1% divorce rate and breed like rabbits, it's because they have patriarchy.

Keep deluding yourself men. MGTOW are the only ones who know where this is heading, we're just trying to warn you before history repeats. Best case scenario it will go down Venezuela style and worse case, Mad Max.

But think what you want, again the beauty is we don't care and you can keep wondering why the metoos, the Roy Moores, A CURRENT SUPREME COURT NOMINEE WITH A SPOTLESS RECORD can be destroyed by a lying thot because well ....vagina. You can keep using your self prescribed brainwashed feminist shame tactics like some fags in these comments. You can keep wondering why it seems to keep going to shit and blame everybody but yourselves for ALLOWING it. Be your own jailers, we don't care. We just laugh at you and move on.

When you guys find your balls and are ready to at least repeal the 19th, lemme know, I'm ready.

Oregon Rancher's Body Returned to Family in Shocking Condition submitted by SolarBaby to news

Black_Phillip 4 points 52 points (+56|-4) ago

So in the article they say:

-They shot him nine times, including the face, even though all I had heard was three

-They said he had a gun, everyone else said they left their guns in case they got stopped by law enforcement . Seems smart. They also ran the serial on the gun and it wasn't his, it was stolen.

-There were bullet holes in the vehicle. This means they fired their guns before he even got out. This would also explain why he went from stopping to hitting the pedal the fuck out

This is fucking sick. Anyone who is ok with everything that has happend is either a shill or is completely fucking ignorant beyond their social media feed.

The irony of all this is that all of this shit was happening with the Hammonds while liberals freaked out over Making a Murder. I hope all these fucks get the cancers they deserve.

3 lowest rated comments:

This fat bastard yelled at my daughter when she accidentally splashed him during her swim lesson even after . I hope it drowns. submitted by Cowtownrunner to fatpeoplehate

Black_Phillip 12 points -11 points (+1|-12) ago

He's fat and you're too stupid to take a portrait photo or make a coherent title. Might be have to call it even.

Account Deleted By User submitted by Atomized_Individual to politics

Black_Phillip 12 points -9 points (+3|-12) ago

She is a scam artist, this dumb cunt is t going to be the mayor. Stop electing women in the first place you weak cucks.

With her obscene tirade against Kavanaugh, a Georgetown professor reminds us why people hate feminism submitted by Joker68 to news

Black_Phillip 8 points -7 points (+1|-8) ago

“People”? Who are these people? The only people who hate feminism are red pill men ready to take their rights away.

Women will never submit when they don’t have to.