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"If I can do it, anybody can." submitted by The_Cat to funny

BillMarshall 1 points 55 points (+56|-1) ago

So the mother gave her daughter an overpaid job and a condo and then conned the grandparents onto taking her and her cuck husband in so they could live free while they paid off debt she shouldn't have incurred. Got it. Al I need is a rich mommy, a rich grandma and no self respect and I too can become debt free.

Account Deleted By User submitted by adhdferret to funny

BillMarshall 0 points 53 points (+53|-0) ago

We need to get off of race and discuss culture. There are lots of people who have no problem with skin color, they hate rednecks cultural behavior. . There are people who have no problems with black skin, they hate american ghetto culture that can be quantifiably defined. That is why they can honestly say "i have black friends" They DO have black friends, They just don't have black friends thst identify with many of the ghetto black cultural behaviors. The same goes for gays. Nobody hates a homosexual who keeps his private life private. Very few people hate a gay person who is out of the closet but not pointing it out to anyone, los of peole hate fags who push the gay rights agenda past the limits until it is annoying, and then there are faggots who ruin it for all gays by marching around in parades with flags with dildos and butt plugs on them proclaiming that anyone who doesn't love their behavior is a closet queen. Even gays dislike them.

It is BEHAVIOR that people abhor in the day to day world. The real racists and anti all gay people are behind closed doors wondering what the hell happened to all of their support.

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Never Forget: August 12th 2017 - Charlottesville NC - Fat activist Heather (Muh weight's never been) Heyer had a fatal and predictable heart attack after throwing herself on an immobile Dodge Charger submitted by FattestConsequence to fatpeoplehate

BillMarshall 6 points -3 points (+3|-6) ago

look... she was hit and catapulted.... Fields lost his mind because his rights were violated and he saw his country as betraying him and these people the culprits....

You just give antifa lovers leverage with stupid statements like this....

Cop threatens to shoot child for trying to leave school for doctors appointment the school was notified about. submitted by RampancyLambentRaven to whatever

BillMarshall 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago

I side with the cop... If someone turns their wheels and drives a 5000 pound track at me i will give them a dire warning also.

If the kid has such a nice truck he also has a cell phone. he shold have tossed the truck in park and called his parents to explaim to the cop that he had permission.

The cop is not allowed to let kids leave because they "want to" he could be fired for letting that happen.

The kid is obviously a lttle asshole, most likely from a single mother who cannot control him.

The school would not have treated a polite little white girl like that.

3% (gay males) commit 99% of pedo abuse of boys (females commit 1%) We don't allow pit bulls in dog parks. Why do we allow gay males in the Boy Scouts? submitted by BillMarshall to whatever

BillMarshall 7 points -2 points (+5|-7) ago

So if we have 1000 dogs and 30 of them are pit bulls and the rest poodles... and there are 60 dog bites. 40 from the 940 poodles and 20 from the 40 pit bulls... why would we not keep the pit bulls away? To break it down further... The pit bulls only bit boys and the poodles only bit why would we allow pit bulls in a dog park with only boys in it?