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My unified theory connecting this entire reddit shitstorm, submitted: 7/7/2015 1:40:12 PM, 416 points (+423|-7)

Hey Voat! First time in a long time that I've been excited about a site, submitted: 7/6/2015 12:57:22 PM, 9 points (+9|-0)

Handjobs (and fingering) are the most underrated sexual act(s), submitted: 7/10/2015 1:06:30 PM, 9 points (+9|-0)

Crystal Castles - Vanished, submitted: 7/9/2015 11:57:15 AM, 8 points (+8|-0)

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My unified theory connecting this entire reddit shitstorm submitted by BigDrunkBoat to MeanwhileOnReddit

BigDrunkBoat 1 points 133 points (+134|-1) ago


5. Reddit 2.0: All Alexis and Pao need to do is keep the ship floating for 6-8 more months until they fully transition reddit into being a commercial machine. How? Well, right now the hivemind believes that the mods are the content creators that are absolutely necessary to the success of reddit. And that's true, right now. But walk into any high school C++ class and you can find a teenager who can make an algorithm that takes stuff from places like Voat (I myself keep saying "I'm off to Voat!" as though it really fucking matters, but it doesn't) or 4/8chan and auto-transfer them here, without even linking the original site. Get a skilled enough programmer with enough knowledge of what's good content appropriate for reddit, and you can build a great algorithm that can steal it, and recreate it here, so it looks like it came from reddit. And while some people will be savvy enough to see what's going on, most people wont, or wont care. I mean, Alexis said that AMAs will be facilitated through a general AMA@reddit email address, and refuses to say who will be the person behind that address. That's because it's not a person. It's a team of marketing specialists working with a team of engineers. No faces. No names. So that Victoria doesn't happen again. That's why Pao and Alexis put such an emphasis on employees going to San Fran instead of working remotely. They want a centralized and faceless infrastructure of control that will have all the power and run the entire website. I have no doubt that these "mod tools" that run the narrative will be nothing more than a fancy aesthetics package. In this future, mods will be glorified website designers, algorithms and PR men will control all the content of reddit - as they have been these past couple of days. I've been carefully looking at the front page and the top posts, and it is phenomenal how many anti-reddit posts with phenomenal upvotes have been off the front page. That is website manipulation 101. More of that en route. And like I said, if they can stay above water for another 6-8 months, then at that point all the mods and content creators can leave for Voat and it wont matter. The infastructure and algorithms will be in place to take whatever these refugee mods and content creators are putting on Voat, and recreate it here. However, the difference is this: say an electronics company advertises on reddit, that company is a subsidiary of, let's say, Berkshire Hathaway. New Wikileaks documents get released. It implicates Berkshire Hathaway in a shady deal with Blackwater or something awful and Iraqi kids died or something. Because that electronics company pays to advertise on reddit, and is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, the news of that new Wikileaks dump will never ever ever see the front page. That is Reddit 2.0

SUMMARY: In closing, reddit, like American banks, is "too big to fail," but not for the same reason. American banks are too big to fail because we would go down with them. But reddit is too big to fail because at this point it is so big that it literally cannot fail. I appreciate that most of the world is "tech savvy." But "tech savvy" and "internet savvy" are two very different things, and even the average millennial is not "internet savvy" enough to understand the cyber politics that are happening here. They will not care. Reddit currently is the content creators, but in the long term, reddit is unique hits, that's the epicenter of all this, and that will never go away. The lay will always come here, regardless. Contemporary philosophers like Nick Land and Paul Virilio have been saying this for decades: the internet is not the well of democracy and meritocracy, and honesty that we all think it is. It was in the 90s. However, It has been bought and sold so many times over, and the infrastructure is almost completely in place to make this the world's most curated shopping mall/billboard. It's done already. The problem was that the few people who are "internet savvy" and should have seen this coming are also incredibly bitter are the realities of the non-cyber social world. It's cognitive dissonance. They can't reconcile with themselves the fact that the cyberworld is not the benevolent and authentic equalizer they think it is. Cyberspace is the only place that took them, so they ignore the fact that it is entirely a commercial tool and they are the product, and Reddit will be the front page of the internet for as long as we have electricity.

My unified theory connecting this entire reddit shitstorm submitted by BigDrunkBoat to MeanwhileOnReddit

BigDrunkBoat 0 points 35 points (+35|-0) ago

Yessssss. The mod is down with this post. God I love Voat.

For the benefit of newcomers, what behavior was acceptable on Reddit but totally unacceptable here? submitted by Mattvision to AskVoat

BigDrunkBoat 1 points 22 points (+23|-1) ago

True, BUT, (and I know this is going to be the most insanely optimistic thing I've ever said), I think that all the best redditors (except me I fucking suck donkey dick), are coming to Voat. So while we are all refugees, I think it's the best refugees, the people who are clued-in enough to be sick of so much of the bullshit that goes on at reddit; from the management to the hivemind. So, I'm predicting, cautiously but hopefully that no reddit hivemind shall be formed here.

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VOAT - Employ Victoria (Reddit) now! It would be the perfect move. submitted by LordBritish to ideasforvoat

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yeah, i do. Am I wrong?

TIFU by getting roofied while trying to not have sex submitted by BigDrunkBoat to tifu

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Tripped out for god knows how long next to that fucking jacuzzi in the middle of the night. Woke up the next morning, thankfully before any guests were there, but the custodial/pool set-up staff were looking at me real funny (rightfully so).

Went back to my room, showered, did a few shots and smoked a few cigarettes to level myself out, meet with the would-be-corporate client in the lobby, thinking he would be pissed. He was great. He asked me, very nicely, where I went last night, I lied and told him I didn't remember, and he laughed, then I laughed, he something like "oh alcohol." or whatever. It was weird because he Serpico'd me so hard the night before, but now it seemed like he didn't care at all that I left. We actually did end up signing him as a client.

NOTE: I'm sure you noticed I used a lot of "something like that" and "to the extent of" etc. I have told this story several times, and relived it in my memory quite a few times, so I more-or-less have the right idea about what happened. But keep in mind, I was very drunk, so who knows, there are somethings I might be slightly wrong about. Pretty sure I have it 99.9% right though.

TL;DR - A corporate would-be-client wanted to relive his glory days with me. We got trashed at a hotel, accidentally picked up these two cougars, I didn't wanna do anything because of an on-again-off-again thing I had with an ex. He tried to Serpico me. One of the cougars roofied me with Molly. I feel asleep next to a jacuzzi.

EDIT: No, I no longer work there and haven't for quite a while. A few months after this incident, the university I was attending ~~FUCKING FINALLY~~ offered me a teaching position, and I promptly quit that firm and am happy to say I'm still teaching.


Has Ellen Pao Castrated the Feminist Movement? submitted by uncultured to AskVoat

BigDrunkBoat 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

oh god, you're right. why the fuck is a fucking blog on the front page?!? Jesus, voat, come on.