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In Under a Minute, this Cop Shows Exactly Why People are Losing Faith in Police submitted by datjedi to news

Beers 2 points 53 points (+55|-2) ago

Also, it's weird how the media groups that did cover it focused entirely on "rude language" instead of the fact that this cop just threatened to arrest the guy over nothing.

Has this subverse gone to complete shit? submitted by haveallthebananas to AskVoat

Beers 2 points 52 points (+54|-2) ago

Well, I'm still subbed just to see these stupid questions you guys keep posting. If you want the sub to die, you'll just need to post stuff to /v/askgoat instead, and stop posting here.

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Today, as far as I can tell, I got banned from the subverse /v/mensrights because I already had a username that a moderator's friend wanted. How do I appeal that? submitted by IronJohn to AskVoat

Beers 15 points -14 points (+1|-15) ago

Seriously dude? This is a Reddit clone, populated by Reddit refugees, the verse in question is a clone of its subreddit equivalent, an active member has a well known name, then on voat a new guy posts in MRA saying he's "the real" [well known name].

Get off the oppression train, it's not going anywhere. He's impersonating someone from their community, so their community mod removed him.

Germany in a state of SIEGE: gangs of men roam the streets and young German women told to cover up, the mood is changing submitted by dildonkers to news

Beers 26 points -10 points (+16|-26) ago

This fucking website man

Would be awesome, but all opportunities ruined by all the nuts that jumped aboard

Black Lives Matter Shut Down Sanders Rally submitted by secretsquirrel2 to politics

Beers 15 points -8 points (+7|-15) ago

muh libruls

god fucking dammit shut up, and stop blaming gigantic fucking vague groups for the actions of the few