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Q Post 2318 submitted by SandyAndreas to theawakening

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With everything that we have been awakened to, I find this song waaaaayyyyy beyond appropriate!!! Hope you don't mind me sharing.

Instagram down... submitted by 007forGod to theawakening

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Check out Crazy stuff. Instagram, Verizon, Fortnite, several others. All have gone down or are still down. They give list, time and map of outages.

Q's last post. Did Anons miss the message? submitted by PacaGoat to GreatAwakening

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HOLY SHIT!!! Just outta curiosity I just went and checked Q drops from September 23, (same date as picture). Two Q posts that day....FISA DECLASS & TRUST GRASSLEY!!! Will we wake up February 15 to the news reporting the FISA report was released in the middle of the night??? Brennan & Comey have been indicted??? Followed up with a shutdown that will lead to all of the "nonessentials" being moved over to the private sector to cut government waste??? It's been a long, trying week. Just let'a girl dream for a moment!

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Q says vote will be 53 to 47 in favor submitted by ShaneE11183386 to theawakening

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Geeze, I hope so...I put money on Q!

Democratic Campaign Volunteer Calls submitted by Beau__ to theawakening

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Dems own my state! Sadly, they've gotten so sick and twisted and evil that only President Trump can help us when the indictments are unsealed. Tim Kaine AND Mark Warner! Enough said....

Reminder: Trump emphasized HUMAN TRAFFICKING and DEADLY DRUGS when talking about the border submitted by kestrel9 to GreatAwakening

BarelyGittinBy 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

I LITERALLY watched one of my neighbor's body be removed from his house at approximately 1AM this morning. Second person carted off via ambulance about an hour and a half prior. Don't know my neighbors. Don't want to know my neighbors. But I would almost bet money that I can't afford to lose, that it was because of them pumping poison into their bodies. It's not just in the big cities! It's everywhere! I've lost 3 family members in the past 6 year time frame over this total nonsense! It must cease! As a person who worked in hospice for over 17 years and spent 4 days a week sitting in chemo chair from 2014-2016, I will NEVER understand why someone would ever want to do this to themself! When will we say enough is enough???