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The UN Is Normalizing Pedophilia: The Deep State Is Free to Prey Upon Your Children, submitted: 6/13/2019 10:45:21 PM, 35 points (+37|-2)

I never cared:, submitted: 8/22/2020 5:30:29 PM, 25 points (+30|-5)

H.R.5717 - Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020, submitted: 3/25/2020 6:30:48 PM, 23 points (+23|-0)

Congressional Candidate In Virginia Admits He's A Pedophile And That He Raped His Late Wife, submitted: 6/13/2019 10:41:40 PM, 19 points (+20|-1)

U.S cities are burning and I feel fine, submitted: 6/2/2020 4:05:14 AM, 15 points (+16|-1)

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If a white chick got divorced from a black guy, submitted: 10/1/2020 10:08:50 AM, -10 points (+2|-12)

Do boomers hate white ppl?, submitted: 9/2/2020 3:40:45 AM, -8 points (+4|-12)

The opposition against Q is desperate, submitted: 9/15/2020 3:30:02 PM, -6 points (+2|-8)

I'm a generation Xer not a boomer, submitted: 9/2/2020 2:47:10 AM, -5 points (+4|-9)

Biden gives his latest speech, submitted: 9/15/2020 1:37:10 PM, -2 points (+3|-5)

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remember the video of the two white nordic girls having their throats slit? one cried for her mom and they certainly couldnt breath! where was the media? submitted by Doglegwarrior to AskVoat

B3H0ldAPal3H0rs3 0 points 38 points (+38|-0) ago

I have never heard of the Kalergi plan, just went and did a search and this pops up in the corner for wikipedia LOL

"The Kalergi Plan, or sometimes called the Coudenhove-Kalergi Conspiracy, is a far-right, anti-semitic, white nationalist conspiracy theory, "

LMAO Its always a conspiracy theory of the far right, antisemitic, white nationalists LOL.

What is interesting to note, its NEVER a conspiracy when its left wing or blacks talking about it.

German Holocaust archive puts millions of documents online. Part of more than 13 million Holocaust-related documents retrieved from concentration camps at the end of World War II submitted by Kannibal to news

B3H0ldAPal3H0rs3 2 points 32 points (+34|-2) ago

This is what it says in there

"hopes that by making the documents widely available to the public it will help researchers and relatives learn more about the Nazi death machine."

Most likely, some of it is real, but I think a good majority has been made up in hopes to kill the truth about Hitler and WW1 & WW2. The truth is spreading rapidly, I think they are scurrying.. This is probably why its "taken so long" to get the documents out there. The truth being known to us has only been out a few years really.. more and more people are denying their version of the holohoax and they are running scared.

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Study: Netflix's "13 Reasons Why" caused a 28% increase in teen suicides submitted by dv1155 to news

B3H0ldAPal3H0rs3 24 points -20 points (+4|-24) ago

Actually... she was in the hot tub with her friends. Her friends left her there to go fuck in the house and she stayed by herself. He then got in with her and proceeded to rape her. She didn't get in with him, he was not in there. And "undies" is no different than a fucking bikini so I don't see what difference that even makes. You must not have actually paid any attention at all. The kid at the end tried to kill himself by shooting himself in the head, he wasn't shot by someone else. He was distraught over what he had done to help end another human life, and he couldn't live with himself.

You must not have had to endure bullying in school like some of us did. I DID, from fucking elementary all the fucking way thru highschool till I finally was allowed to get out in 11th grade and finish in homeschool. This show portrays exactly what it is like in highschool for many kids. Bullying is a real thing, and it happens everyday and it will cause children to be in such dispare they will take their lives. This girl didn't just kill herself because she was raped. It wasnt' even about that, but the fact that she couldn't even tell anyone about it and wasn't taken seriously when she tried, all because it was the jocks doing it. This actually happens in real life. Those types of boys are protected and allowed to do a lot of shit and get away with it.

This show was about bullying and what it can lead to and does everyday. It was a great portrayal of it in my opinion. You didn't pay attention.

If you want to avoid the overthrow of your elected government ... submitted by ardvarcus to news

B3H0ldAPal3H0rs3 5 points -5 points (+0|-5) ago

So what does that make you pro-semite?

Grandma hears granddaughter's teacher on Zoom talking about BLM and she wasn't having it submitted by Joker68 to news

B3H0ldAPal3H0rs3 4 points -4 points (+0|-4) ago

In other news. Trump gave 500 billion to these ppl Enjoy