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Numbchuck doing an AMA on r/conspiracy atm? submitted by pizzam8 to pizzagate

Avoid_The_Noid 0 points 18 points (+18|-0) ago

The gist of the OP: "I'm not a sleeper mod or shill....I didn't delete that stuff....I'm being scapegoated...Don't trust the v/pizzagate mods...." and then randomly for good measure: "DYNCORP IS NOT PART OF PIZZAGATE, IT'S A DEAD END."

And there you have it folks. Hit Dyncorp with everything you got.

TRUE BREAKTHROUGH - FOIA - Clinton Sate Department Cover-up of Pedophilia submitted by ShockDoctrine101 to pizzagate

Avoid_The_Noid 0 points 14 points (+14|-0) ago

I think the stated reason that Bill Clinton's schedule is redacted is to protect a "private citizen's" privacy. I think the real reason is because he was colluding with the State Department to fundraise for the Clinton Foundation (on the taxpayers dime)...and perhaps for some of the reason's you posted, though I doubt sexual trysts would have been on his official schedule which was passed around dozens of members of DoS.

A bit off-topic, but Victoria Nuland being involved in anything is suspect. She was clearly a major player in the Ukrainian Coup (remember she was caught on an unsecured line saying "Yats" is our guy...referring to our preferred installed puppet...and "fuck the EU") She's also married to arch-Neo-Con Robert Kagan (of Project For A New American Century infamy)

Just as a note, cushy ambassadorships in nice countries are routinely awarded to big donors/bundlers, as opposed to more important posts that require real diplomats/CIA folk. Yes, it's pay-to-play, but it's nothing new.

Child pornography found on Assistant U.S. Attorneys computer submitted by NotOfIt to pizzagate

Avoid_The_Noid 0 points 13 points (+13|-0) ago

Did we ever determine if the "Arun Roa" who was liking all of Alefantis' creepy pedo pics was actually the same one who worked in the DOJ? According to his Linkedin Arun Roa would have been an "Assistant US Attorney" during this time period:

Could this be the unnamed individual Holder was protecting? If so, he not only hasn't gotten fired, he's gotten PROMOTED! Was even Deputy Associate Counsel at the White House from 2012-2013.

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Picture of James Alefantis with Australian paedophile who travelled to the U.S. for underage sex submitted by brazzersgate to pizzagate

Avoid_The_Noid 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Was drawn to this particular pic because of the creeper looking dude on the right. Jimmy Comet comments "You were incredible last night, Stunning acheivement by you!" (I guess in reference to the Ballet he performed in). Location of pic is supposedly "British Embassy, Washington DC"

Unearthing the Webre/Alefantis connection via Alfred Lambremont webre submitted by zlomsocz to pizzagate

Avoid_The_Noid 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Very Interesting! Septime's fb profile picture actually places him in Comet Ping Pong (playing ping pong): Note the comment on the photo from James Alefantis "I took that one" (the picture): (Decor of the room seems to match with with the "tour" video)

Alfred mentions a "family dinner" of a roasted child with a "family that's involved in that" Podesta's? Reminds me of those cannibal cake pics. Need to explore this guy's work further.

Day 40 - Where is Eric Braverman? at mark 4:45 this guys talks about pizzagate an podesta submitted by armsdealer to pizzagate

Avoid_The_Noid 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

The tying together of those arms deals, oil, CF donations, favors, and blackmail among all the characters is super legit. We definitely should be looking more into these types of connections as opposed to just the pedo/SRA stuff.

His speculation on the "code-words" not being sexually related is just that...speculation. I'm sure there's plenty of other code words for weapons and such in the clinton emails we haven't seen.

Makes me want to examine those hacked Blumenthal emails. Are they searchable somewhere?

Also, Petraeus is clearly compromised...hope he doesn't get a job in the Trump admin.