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You can still blame Whitey. submitted by High_Sierra_Trail to funny

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Everyone hates niggers.

Well said. submitted by Grimlock2015 to whatever

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Yup. That's why Africans in America have the exact same type of neighborhoods and crime rates as Whites and Eastern Asians. Because all it takes is a flag.

TIL that in is brief 71 year existence, the State of Israel has replaced its fiat currency at least twice due to hyperinflation. submitted by jimibulgin to whatever

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They aren't allowed to charge other jews usury, so it shows how fucking worthless jews actually are that they cannot even stabilize their worthless economy with no usury and every country on earth showering them with bribe money. If this was any white country, it would be the wealthiest on the planet.

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Judges have re-convicted Tommy Robinson of contempt of court, after his previous conviction was quashed submitted by noworldorder to news

Anon1492 4 points -3 points (+1|-4) ago

Anyone want to bet on whether those judges are ethnic jews?

WTF?!! Bernie Sanders is Using Footage of Trump Assassination Attempt in Campaign Fundraising Ad submitted by Qdini to GreatAwakening

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The only good commies are good commies.

Gray Wolf.......Code name for Hitler's escape to Argentina just before the end of WWII submitted by Redheadgal to GreatAwakening

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Are you retarded or just a subversive? Angela Merkel is a Jew. Her mother was a Jew born in Poland and she gained her "cred" by being a member of the Stasi, a card-carrying communist. She hates Europeans and Germans, in particular.