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/ProtectVoat mods took control of Pizzagate and are now banning anybody that mentions Jews by claiming it's automatically Amalek. submitted by PizzagateCompromised to politics

Amaleks_Autocracy 15 points 1 points (+16|-15) ago

The modlog is actually proof that good submissions are being deleted.

DEBATE :Amalek vs Ben Shapiro. How can we make this happen? submitted by Amaleks_Autocracy to politics

Amaleks_Autocracy 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago


Contact him for me via the great Jewish grapevine.

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@phobos_mothership was brigaded down to -130ccp by Amalek submitted by kevdude to ProtectVoat

Amaleks_Autocracy 17 points -11 points (+6|-17) ago

Believe what you want people, but this is /ProtectVoat doing this and blaming me for it.

@phobos_mothership was brigaded down to -130ccp by Amalek submitted by kevdude to ProtectVoat

Amaleks_Autocracy 16 points -10 points (+6|-16) ago

We all know that the Pizzagate investigation isn't on track at all, and that the mods (yourself included) took possession of the subverse so they could dictate the narrative.

Don't worry, I got something big coming up for you guys. /ProtectVoat is getting exposed.

User JewKakkle, JewKakkle2, JewKakkle3 ... JewKakkle20 has at least 20 alts and seems to be trying his hand at up-vote farming. submitted by guinness2 to ProtectVoat

Amaleks_Autocracy 22 points -10 points (+12|-22) ago

The Jews literally admit the control Canada.

" Israel and Jewish causes have benefited from unparalleled support from Canadian governments and from all federal political parties – most intensively over the past eight years. Not coincidentally, it was exactly eight years ago that the Canadian Jewish community reorganized its advocacy efforts into one unified and coordinated operation. ...By consolidating the Canada-Israel Committee, the Canadian Jewish Congress, the Quebec-Israel Committee and the University Outreach Committee into one professionally managed and nationally supervised agency, the voice of Canadian Jews has grown stronger and more credible. Our community now benefits from strategic advocacy planning on the national level, sophisticated outreach abilities, and very effective lobby mechanisms – in addition to better operational accountability and cost savings.[9]"

" CIJA's lobbying and outreach efforts have included meetings and functions that attract high-ranking members of the Canadian government, including the Prime Minister, and it has financed trips to Israel for Canadian officials and thought leaders.[6][7] CIJA's creation has been criticized as an attempt to "corporatize" the funding structure of Jewish community organizations and tie them to pro-Israel lobbying.[8]"

Who is the CIJA?

They're an organization of rich elite Jews that have offices in every major Canadian city and take their orders from their head office in Jerusalem. Here's their board of directors.

What do they do?

They lobby to take away our right to free speech.

'CIJA has regularly condemned acts of vandalism targeting places of worship and faith-based schools in Canada, including acts committed against Jewish, Sikh, and Muslim institutions.

CIJA has been actively involved in the public debate surrounding the balance between protecting free speech and preventing the spread of hate speech. In 2012, in response to concerns toward Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act (hate speech on the internet), CIJA proposed two options to achieve a reasonable balance. The first entailed reforming the existing act, including through measures to increase evidentiary standards, allow for early rejection of inadmissible Section 13 complaints, and discourage frivolous claims (including the assigning of costs to those who launch vexatious complaints). The second option would repeal Section 13 altogether, and assign responsibility for online hate speech exclusively to a more responsive criminal justice system.[10]"

Where's the conspiracy? Here's a group of rich elite Jews that formed organization with ties to Israel that lobbies to take away the right of free speech.

Where's the conspiracy? Israel and the Jews are working together to destroy Western civilization.