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I hope you continue to offer Voat and continue to stay strong., submitted: 9/12/2018 7:32:16 PM, 7 points (+7|-0)

How can I get a job as a sockpuppet?, submitted: 5/20/2015 7:25:24 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

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How can I get a job as a sockpuppet?, submitted: 5/20/2015 7:25:24 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

I hope you continue to offer Voat and continue to stay strong., submitted: 9/12/2018 7:32:16 PM, 7 points (+7|-0)

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AlphaOmega 1 points 163 points (+164|-1) ago

It is intersting to see how the MSM is framing it. I know Pizzagate well, I've seen the evidence. I still can't say I'm certain one way or the other about anyhing.

What I can say, though, is that the media is absolutely lying about what's been uncovered. They are absolutely, unequivocally, misrepresenting us. They build up these colorful straw man then just set them on fire and piss all over us and make us seem like we're insane.

Trouble is, I know I'm not crazy. I'm just a normal, very well educated dude with a family.

Watching the MSM behave this way,, more than anything else I've seen, is the scariest thing about Pizzagate so far....and THAT is saying something.

How will the npcs explain how Florida man planted the bomb at Soros home and delivered the CNN bomb by local courier? submitted by anoncastillo to news

AlphaOmega 0 points 84 points (+84|-0) ago

This is the dumbest shit I've seen them try to pull in the history of them pulling dumb shit.

Now the positions have solidified themselves on twitter. Conspiracy is no longer a possibility. Case closed. Left is accusing, right is defending.

Meanwhile this is 100% designed to influence the election and it's fucking obvious. It's so frustrating to see how fucking naive people are. just live life, have a family, and learn to sail I guess.

Was the Reddit G/A forum Banned just now? submitted by bopper to GreatAwakening

AlphaOmega 0 points 42 points (+42|-0) ago

Yep, these are big moves. If TD goes, I would continue to be surprised. It's not impossible but it's such a huge portion of their regular user base they'd be taking a huge hit.

That said, I really hope Voat is ready to absorb the traffic...and ready for this shitstorm. Leftists will try to take over here just as they did on Reddit. If they can't they'll go straight for the domain. Theoretically, if they're well placed enough all over the tech sphere, they could get us all in the same place then cut the cord leaving absolutely nowhere to go.

Honestly, we brought it on ourselves. We need a mechanism of uneditable discussion similar to the blockchain.

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Eric Trump says Bob Woodward wrote book to make "shekels" submitted by One-Way_Bus to politics

AlphaOmega 5 points -2 points (+3|-5) ago

Jews rock!

Welcome to Voat Refugees from reddit! submitted by zombielordzero to altright

AlphaOmega 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago

This sub needs active moderation. Right fukcing now or it is in danger of being overrun by libshits.

Account Deleted By User submitted by MrKequc to movies

AlphaOmega 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Australian film industry is fine IMO. They make some of the most memorable movies I've ever seen. If you want an action film to bore the ever loving piss out of you and make your ears ring, then I suppose you could say the Australian film industry needs help.

Black Balloon, Japanese Story, Dingo, Rabbit Proof Fence, Samson and Delilah, Lion....these are not blockbusters. That doesn't make them poor examples of great cinema.