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Well, someone's patient., submitted: 7/28/2020 1:53:51 PM, 430 points (+434|-4)

Some niggers are such altruists., submitted: 8/18/2020 2:43:20 PM, 328 points (+331|-3)

The guy who stopped the shitskin with a Narwhale tusk on the London Bridge is Polish. Meanwhile the british cucks just observed., submitted: 11/30/2019 1:48:19 PM, 312 points (+325|-13)

There are some racists online sharing fake statistics., submitted: 7/30/2020 5:01:47 PM, 253 points (+253|-0)

Meinkraft (why does the title has to have more than 10 characters), submitted: 6/7/2020 3:23:55 PM, 251 points (+255|-4)

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I am not pro "free speech", submitted: 8/6/2020 11:39:36 AM, -1 points (+5|-6)

Niggerskikefaggots please post some toomer memes in the comments, they are awesome., submitted: 8/9/2020 8:19:33 PM, 0 points (+1|-1)

Hey, can someone post in the comments a few links from the "peacfull protests", submitted: 6/20/2020 6:05:24 PM, 0 points (+2|-2)

Need info about how circumsision affects the brain of kids, submitted: 6/23/2020 12:30:32 PM, 1 points (+2|-1)

A great piece of literature., submitted: 12/1/2019 1:03:16 PM, 1 points (+3|-2)

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Autocorrect submitted by HootersMcBoobies to whatever

AlfonsHilter 0 points 50 points (+50|-0) ago

A white guy walks into a bar and says to a black bartender:

-Give me a beer, nigger.

And surely enough the nigger starts chimping out at at one point he says:

-What if you were the bartender and i came in here and started calling you cracker n shiet.

-Let's find out.

The white guy goes behind the bar and the nigger gets out and reenters the bar comes up and says:

-Gibs me beer cracka.

And the white guy says:

-We don't serve your kind here.

An old russian joke (translated by me so don't be mean, faggots) submitted by AlfonsHilter to whatever

AlfonsHilter 0 points 38 points (+38|-0) ago

It's because all the jews swaped the vodka with water and thus there was only water in the barrel.

ID on the monster who targeted a Trump supporter. submitted by Sheeitpost to politics

AlfonsHilter 0 points 28 points (+28|-0) ago

And /pol/ still manages to ID them

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Niggers of the Dog World? submitted by Granite_Pill to milliondollarextreme

AlfonsHilter 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

Pit bulls were created by crossbreeding bulldogs and terriers to produce a dog that combined the strength of the bulldog with the gameness and agility of the terrier.[6] In the United Kingdom, these dogs were used in blood sports such as bull-baiting and bear-baiting. These blood sports were officially eliminated in 1835,

I don't believe niggers were crossbreeding bulldogs with terriers in XIX century Britain.

After quarantine submitted by montol to Hiddenlol

AlfonsHilter 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

More like okay coomer.

The yidler strikes again submitted by AlfonsHilter to funny

AlfonsHilter 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

There are different types of rhymes mine isn't the perfect type.