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Alright, Enough Of This. 'Pizzagate' Is Real. Enough of the Naysayers, submitted: 2/23/2017 4:44:42 PM, 1 points (+2|-1)

Reminder: Research Pizzagate For The Children, And For Yourself - the REALITY of Child Sexual Abuse, submitted: 2/21/2017 7:23:04 PM, 2 points (+3|-1)

Romulus and Remus: Beyonce, Pizzagate, and the New Rome, submitted: 2/25/2017 9:59:45 PM, 2 points (+5|-3)

Addendum to "What's REALLY Behind the NFL Kneeling Debacle"; Important Corroborating Proof Repost, submitted: 9/28/2017 8:29:57 PM, 2 points (+2|-0)

DC Street Scorcery: Pizzagate and The DuPont Circle Tetrahedron, submitted: 2/17/2017 10:25:18 PM, 5 points (+5|-0)

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It's Official and Spreading Like Wildfire: New York Times Reports Podesta Group Subpoenaed In Uranium1 Debacle submitted by ASolo to pizzagate

ASolo 0 points 40 points (+40|-0) ago

How much steam you think Pizzagate gonna get now, ESPECIALLY once news of child pornography on COMET PING PONG and PIZZA private servers also gets national attention?

The Largest Pedophilia Mind Control Program In History. How The Elite Have Created a Pedophile Culture. (A work in progress) submitted by Northern_Soul to pizzagate

ASolo 2 points 35 points (+37|-2) ago

You're forgetting the biggest 'redpill' of them all is what you are describing is a condensed version while similar, more subtle programs of the same nature are going on all around you daily throughout your lifetime. Combine the Rockefeller/Carnegie funded Frankfurt model schooling platform, (that culls, sorts, and classifies while others are trained only so far as to be satisfied sitting behind a machine for 8-10 hours a day. "Others" usually systematic dickheads and bullies are wrangled and compromised through their greek letter affiliations to become the ruling and governing class) along with a systematic takeover of every industry, religion, entertainment (books, movies, print), science (spaceflight and academia) and government, along with the DAILY SHOCKS OF SURVIVAL AND THE DAILY BOMBARDMENT OF PROPAGANDA YOUR ENTIRE LIVES...

You will soon understand that your entire lives are an illusion.

Beatles allegedly attended underage brothels with good friend Jimmy Savile...there are no more heroes. :( submitted by DengPing to pizzagate

ASolo 10 points 33 points (+43|-10) ago

It's unfortunate that a good percentage of Beatles fans are still Beatles fans and will most likely die Beatles fans without the realization that they were a British social engineering think tank Tavistock experiment to begin with. They were all avid Crowleyist and Occult themed entrepreneurs, the cover of the Beatles Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is a collection of British Spooks, Crowley, and other spooks tasked at bringing eastern religions to the west to help corrupt western ideologies.

I am also sorry you are just now on the inside of this curve. Do not worry, you will be alright.

For a reference gif. of the cover follow this link:

You may start by asking why Robert Peel's picture is included. He is the key to unlocking the entire cover. Peel was British Home Secretary from 1822 to 1830. The Home Secretary is of course in charge of the Home Office. Although the Home Office was formed in 1782, it wasn't until the arrival of Peel in the 1820's that the police services (and especially the secret police) were brought into it. This was Peel's specialty. He is sort of the father of the British Secret Service. He didn't invent it, he just coordinated it and expanded it. Just above Peel on the cover of Sgt. Pepper's, you find Aleister Crowley, who was recruited by the Home Office from Cambridge in the 1890's. Just as the Beatles promoted yogis and Cheiro, they also promoted Aleister Crowley. Why would they do that? The common interpretation is that the Beatles found him fascinating as a tarot reading mystic, in the same vein as their yogis. Or that they dabbled in Satanism like many other 60's bands, mainly for the purpose of looking cool or avant garde. But that isn't the right answer. The right answer is just below. Also above Peel on the cover is Sri Yukteswar Giri, whose ideas were imported from India into the US with others like Vivekananda and Krishnamurti in the 1890's and afterwards.

I have shown in a recent paper that this importation of mixed Eastern ideas at that time was a long term operation by Western Secret Services, initiated in the 1870's by the Theosophical Society. After reading that paper, you can uncloak Sri Mahavatar Babaji, Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, Sri Lahiri Mahasaya, Terry Southern, and William Burroughs; and from reading subsequent papers in that series, you can unveil Wallace Berman ,Larry Bell, Richard Lindner, H. C. Westermann, and Karl heinz Stockhausen. In this way, you will finally understand the link between all the people pictured on that cover. You will also be able to pull in Peter Blake and Robert Fraser, who designed and directed the cover of Sgt. Peppers, respectively. The album cover is linking them all to various secret services, in the US, England, and English controlled India.

For more indication of that, all we have to do is look at the name of the album: Who is Sgt. Pepper? Well, just listen to the first line of the lyrics of the first song:

'It was twenty years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play.'

The album came out in 1967, so twenty years ago it was 1947. First year of the CIA, which leads us in. Of course, the Beatles weren't American, they were British, so we should look at what the British Secret Service was up to in 1947. The research isn't difficult, which makes it all the more surprising no one has done it. Google on “Pepper MI6”and you find a Major John Pepper who was head of BSC in 1947. What is BSC? According to Wikipedia and Google Books, BSC is “the SIS cover organization in the United States.”²

SIS is just another name for MI6, the British equivalent of CIA. Pepper succeeded William Stephenson as chair of BSC. The BSC is the British Security Coordination, which even Wikipedia now admits was a covert organization setup in New York City in 1940 upon the authorization of Winston Churchill “to mobilize pro-British opinion in the US.” This “massive propaganda campaign” was mobilized from Rockefeller Center. It was supported by the OSS, the precursor of the CIA. The front for the BSC was the British Passport Control Office. Notable employees of BSC include Roald Dahl—who wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Willie Wonka), Ian Fleming (James Bond), the screenwriter Eric Maschwitz (later BBC and ITV head and creator of Doctor Who), Dorothy Maclean (Findhorn Foundation), and David Ogilvy (the father of advertising). As you can see from this list, the propaganda campaign extended into the arts, including literature and—as we now see—popular music. The Beatles themselves are telling you that the BSC “taught the band to play.” Which means EMI and George Martin were involved. Although I found no confirmation of it online, we must assume Martin was another employee of BSC, “mobilizing pro-British opinion in the US.” What other group mobilized pro-British opinion in the US more than the Beatles?

Bob Dylan's real link to the Rolling Stones

From Theosophy to the Beat Generation

Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation

The time has come to strip yourselves of your idols and retain what was good about those experiences and discard the rest so that you can become who you are meant to be.

Do not look at it as a loss but crawling up from something that was an illusion to begin with, and that you were not alone in believing the illusions.

3 lowest rated comments:

Trumps use of the word LIDDLE opened up a can or worms submitted by srayzie to pizzagate

ASolo 12 points -9 points (+3|-12) ago

I think once again you're giving our MORON president too much credit, the motherfucker cheats on his wife with porn whores, that's some disgusting shit, you really think he has the best interest of this country if that's even A MODICUM OF HIS BEHAVIOR?

Would you let Donald Trump in your house if all you knew about him was his apprentice and whoring days? You are BLINDED by the fact he had the MONEY and BACKING to get where he is.

Account Deleted By User submitted by michael86 to pizzagate

ASolo 5 points -5 points (+0|-5) ago

Fuck trump, he's a compromised pedo too. This is a pizzagawhatever thread. We need to keep this main thread focused on pizza gate, if you are not specifically focusing on alefantis, podesta, clinton, or related by only a few degrees, than you are intentionally or unintentionally engaging in thread sliding, an intelligence tactic. However, some mods odd subjective hypocrisy only compounds this situation and thread's that should have been sorted out remain on the main forum, only reinforcing the rumors of thiel's ownership in this site. However relevant or altruistic your endeavor is this thread is only contributing to the mess the pizzagate forum has become and should be relegated to the pizzagatewhatever column. Better threads have been straight deleted by these mods. time to clean this circus up.

The MSM will use Alex Jones to further discredit Pizzagate, putting the toothpaste back in container, this was a bad day for truth submitted by rippingtheveil to pizzagate

ASolo 7 points -5 points (+2|-7) ago

yep, agreed.

Fuck Alex Jones!

It's because of Jones big mouth and irrational fashion altogether, over time, and taken together that has finally come back to haunt him. His bloated style, right leaning good old boy gun toting conservatism is what is being used as a catalyst for the motivations of pizzagate shooter Edgar Welch. All of it is being squarely blamed on the incendiary notions of Alex Jones. This is because Alex Jones hopped on the story too quickly and didn't do his own research on the matter and passed on the allegation of sensationalism current at the time from disinfo agents and hyperbolists.

I've never agreed with the overblown premise that Alefantis was trafficking children out of his space on Connecticut Ave. But through subsequent investigations into the artistic preferences of the establishment's patrons, its late hours, and no age limit events most discerning adults would agree that this is not the safest place for children, night or day. To suggest he ran a sacrificial ring there and in his basement was ludicrous, to a degree, but certain authors and myself were cautious about over interpreting what WikiLeaks was implying. I tried many times to try and quell certain voices that were continuously trying to push fantastical and overwhelming imaginings to the front of the line. Of course the MSM condensed version made it even worse. Now we can say, with much certainty, that both these issues outlined above now effecting pizzagate, have counterintelligence aspects working in concert with each other. Shills and disinformation plant superfluous information, like underground tunnels, baby coffins and kill rooms instead of the relevant issues like artistic pursuits, influence lobbies and corporate social engineering, the likes of the ten essays by Yoichi Shimatsu.

Unlike Alex Jones authors like myself and others we have not advocated impulsive, incendiary or even confrontational approaches to the pizzagate scandal. While I know that Jones does not either, his temperament and stance dictates otherwise, and I can see how easy it would be to stir up one of his more unstable fans. We've all been saying this about you for years now Alex, along with your current alignment with the 'far right' and your 'roger'ized trumptards I would say that you have done your job right and a good portion of your fans are mentally and governmentally 'vetted'.

Some of us were smart enough to avoid the sensationalism. And some of us are not out for profit (which is another reason we know you're a cointell shill is that you don't want to risk your huge member funded bank account to back up your fat ass) and your incorrect hurried claims, at least what Shimatsu writes about can be backed up by affidavit by simple internet sourcing.