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It is about time all of you praising sanctuary cities of 2nd amendment realize this fact., submitted: 12/13/2019 3:57:15 PM, 384 points (+387|-3)

What real waeponized autism looks like., submitted: 3/24/2019 2:46:50 AM, 367 points (+374|-7)

Let's use this meme to show racism., submitted: 6/14/2020 12:57:44 PM, 364 points (+372|-8)

Nigger who likes to beat up people and record it has been arrested., submitted: 5/21/2020 6:37:57 PM, 363 points (+372|-9)

Seems good yes?, submitted: 10/9/2019 6:31:28 PM, 321 points (+342|-21)

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What I think when I click on /all and see /greatawakening an /qanon as the first page of submissions., submitted: 12/2/2019 6:47:25 AM, -16 points (+5|-21)

Is it just me, or did you hear the fear in his voice during the presidential address?, submitted: 3/12/2020 2:05:57 AM, -7 points (+8|-15)

Your move boomers of voat., submitted: 2/21/2020 6:33:22 AM, -5 points (+16|-21)

This is to the QRV crowd as I don't need to be Anon., submitted: 1/21/2020 12:35:26 AM, -3 points (+3|-6)

Want me to mod this shit show!, submitted: 5/6/2020 3:57:27 AM, -3 points (+9|-12)

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I work with some low IQ young people. One thing I teach them is facts vs opinions. This is very hard for them. They tend to believe things they feel are facts and things they don't like are opinions. submitted by friendshipistragic to whatever

AR47 0 points 77 points (+77|-0) ago

We don’t have the children being fought how to think, now educated people are told what to think with their educators praising them so long as they don’t question the ones with authority.

Case in point.

I make 80% lowers for firearms because I don’t feel I should be required to ask permission from anyone to have a firearm. Really that is what you do when you fill out an ATF form for transfer.

Phrase it how you like, but that is how I see it.

So I am taking my rifle to the car one day and cop sees me and immediately stops. Asks me what I am doing to which I reply that I am doing nothing of his concern. Wasn’t being rude or snappy, but he has zero reason to conduct an investigation.

He didn’t get a call, and he just wanted to be nosey in an attempt to show authority. He asks to see my DL for purpose of identifying me. Again I said no as in my state unless I am under suspicion of a crime he has zero authority to do so.

Then he says he needs to be sure that I can have a firearm (felony) and run a serial upon that weapon to check if stolen.

I asked if he had a reason to suspect that I was a felon to which he said he wasn’t sure and needed to be.

I refused and said he won’t be able to identify the firearm either as it doesn’t have a serial because I made it.

Oh man he moved towards my car and I shut the door with the weapon inside and locked it and said get a warrant or reasonable cause.

He tried to get pissy saying search dog and drugs. I said go ahead and do it and I will film it all and put on YouTube with his name and others involved with it. Make sure that everyone sees his waste of resources and he will get questioned as to why he felt the need to be that way.

He left of course, but thing is you don’t just allow this kinda of shit to go on and allow yourself to be pushed into shit. Stand your ground and don’t get mean or anything. Just know your rights and the moment you feel it’s needed record it all.

Oops, looks like that narrative didn't pan out. Guess they'll drop this story this morning then. submitted by tendiesonfloor to news

AR47 0 points 68 points (+68|-0) ago

Many on air broadcasts are saying white male with identity being withheld.

Really pushing that narrative

How many people are noticing just how fucked Voat has got? submitted by freshmeat to whatever

AR47 5 points 53 points (+58|-5) ago

What happened is that the old goats such as myself were just sick of zero participating within the subs we created. No one wants to put forth the effort to grow a community and will be more than happy to watch it burn down.

It isn't about activism anymore. People want entertainment is all. That is what this site became.

It became containment for what Reddit didn't want. Look around at the front page and it is usually the exact opposite of what you would expect on Reddit.

You have some people that have so many accounts now that you can point them out and no one cares. Powers that be have had control of this place since the FPH migration.

You shouldn't be angry either because if you think about it....this was the purpose of voat all along.

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I appreciate you folks here on this web page, never had a place I could freely speak my mind before. You're my kin. submitted by BigTrucker to Voat

AR47 17 points -14 points (+3|-17) ago

Maybe it is because you are inept at people skills?

The notion of social media is the best place to develop people skills. As it teaches you great empathy and compassion for shit you can pretend all day just to actually get some random fuck to talk to you.

Sure you can act like a total dick face and that doesn't mean you should.

"I've never seen anything like this before in an EU member state. Macron is using HELICOPTERS to fire tear gas cannisters against the Yellow Vests." submitted by tendiesonfloor to news

AR47 16 points -13 points (+3|-16) ago

They indeed are launching tear gas with a multipurpose launcher that could be used for a variety of ordinances. Thing is that can you, me, or anyone else say with certainty that it wasn’t the chief of police, or someone else that ordered this done?

The cops are likely getting sick of having their asses kicked, and now they found a way to mitigate the ass beatings. CS gas isn’t as you try to imply, so tone it down, and if you want a history lesson look up philly.

Back in the day cops in philly used a helicopter to drop a satchel charge into what they believed to be a stronghold for black panther party. Well they missed the fuel oil tank on the roof and it blew up the goddamn building and killed quite a few people.

Most were niggers and poor so hey who gives a fuck right?

Police will always escalate force to accomplish control. Currently they are doing the best they can with what they got, and distance from the mob for an officers safety is something I can understand.

Your outrage is something you care about, but here is the deal. Those cops care more about each other than they ever will a citizen.

Account Deleted By User submitted by TheodoreKent to whatever

AR47 16 points -13 points (+3|-16) ago

Then go!

Atko said long time ago that you should conduct yourself as you would in any place public. 99.99999% of the fucks here don’t and call for outright murder of niggers and anyone else not white.

You ever think that shit wouldn’t have consequences?

This site reads like a goddamn white supremacy message board. Wouldn’t be suprised if it was the FBI that was the angel investor to be honest. Their work would be easy with this place.

Since you are stupid I will lay a timeline for you.

2 years ago we had a user that was called secretlypsycho that was fascinated with the columbine murders. Same with other mass murders. Even made a subverse for it.

Then at the beginning of the month there was a girl that scared the living shit out of the school systems within that distric and many others in Colorado.

They found her after she committed suicide. Upon finding what I could (history was scrubbed) it’s the same person.

Around that time is when put said he had be contacted by a law enforcement agency.

So do the math and realize that while you may think you have free speech you must accept you have consequences to that.

It’s the same with every single other message board like this.