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Potential Genetic Aliens, submitted: 8/11/2017 7:40:31 PM, 0 points (+2|-2)

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GWB up to his old antics submitted by pinkmagnet to funny

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Congenital Anomaly Register and Information Service (CARIS) JAMES submitted by 8887766554433221 to pizzagate

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Congenital Anomaly Register and Information Service (CARIS) Is he tagging children with congenital anomalies??? They have the coloboma eyes.

DMT and the circadian rhythms (PAX6) impact on ageing.

PAX6 is related to the eyes along with PAX2. PAX6 is significant because it is the connecting pineal/occular piece.

PAX2 is related to cellular death.

PAX3 I imagine is the PHI gene in that case, the form of the objects, whereas PAX6 is functional.

Yes he is tagging those children with that condition. The reason Mads eye keeps changing, is because she was possibly cloned and the public sympathy garnered subconsciously ushers in acceptance for the practice.

Yes indeed they are looking for particular genetics to clone. They want Aryan and not in the sense of blonde hair/blue eyed. It has more to do with Neoteny and also a particular bloodline which harbours congenital mutations within the pax genes, such as ouroboros eye. Hence, the pick children with this distinction.

The Genetic Quirk Of PizzaGate

The genetic trait in they prize children

Ok in another pizzagate thread on reddit/voat someone confirmed the cult use images in their videos (neutered noel by the apes features an eye with a coloboma), many of the children on James Alefantis Instagram were said to feature the same eye distinguishing mark. here:



This mark is known as being indicative of a very particular genetic mutation.

"Snake-in-the-eye" as part of Sigurd's name denoted a physical characteristics. He was born with a mark in his left eye, described as the image of the Ouroboros (a snake biting its own tail) encircling the pupil of his eye. The snake mark had been prophesied by his mother Aslaug, the daughter of the Valkyrie Brynhildr. Source:

In modern times, it has been suggested that the mark in Sigurd's eye was a result of a congenital mutation of the PAX6 gene. Source:

Ok, so now we an occult reference to the genetic eye mutation, the snake which eats it's tail Ouroborus

Also we know SOROS and MCCANN share this common trait.

As PAX6 is known to affect the pineal gland, as referenced above through academically citable sources, it is interesting to know rationalwiki cites that 50% of the population's pineal glands will have calcified by age 12 source:

I hypothesis (no source needed mods) that this may well be another genetic quirk and relevant to the consciousness and capacity of the individual.

DMT and the pineal gland

Can't reply to comments at the moment, sorry voat wont let me.

For this to manifest in an individual both parents would have to be genetic carriers of the congenital Pax6 Mutation. Both the Scandinavian Ring Dynasty/Rosomani, and the Pictish Agathyrsi had their origins in the Albian/Black sea region and migrated North and West through the Baltic, across the Swyddian Soleyar (Scandinavian Peninsula) to Alba Scotia (Scotland). It is likely that both tribes were carriers of the same Pax6 Genetic mutation that was responsible for cases of Anaridia among the Khazarian population from which the Judean family of Herodias (also carriers of the Pax6 mutation) originated. source:

EDIT - extension

Now it gets a little weirder. I googled Caris and Waardenburg. Guess what came up as the first result:

Congenital Anomaly Register and Information Service (CARIS) Is he tagging children with congenital anomalies??? They have the coloboma eyes.

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Are you defending this behavior @MingDynasty? As it looks like you are.

Trump keeps Comey as FBI Director submitted by AugustaJulia to pizzagate

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And the aliens have turned up now.