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They're naturals, submitted: 10/17/2018 6:49:45 PM, 236 points (+237|-1)

How dare you body shame me!?, submitted: 11/20/2018 8:52:43 PM, 234 points (+236|-2)

Inner peace - it's a man thing, submitted: 12/28/2018 5:46:47 PM, 232 points (+237|-5)

This is pure gold - "I'm sooo lonely...", submitted: 3/1/2019 9:31:55 PM, 215 points (+218|-3)

Woah there, that is going too far!, submitted: 11/28/2018 8:57:44 PM, 205 points (+206|-1)

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Our constitution is really a more civilized form of "white sharia", submitted: 9/16/2017 12:29:22 PM, -6 points (+1|-7)

Don't be surprised if Cortez wins the next US election, submitted: 7/28/2018 9:54:40 PM, -4 points (+1|-5)

US debt over 21 trillion dollars as Trump continues massive spending, submitted: 10/3/2018 7:11:57 PM, -4 points (+4|-8)

Shower thought: Is rape now the safer option?, submitted: 11/16/2018 9:15:32 AM, -3 points (+2|-5)

User Inara__Serra is a Jew, submitted: 3/16/2018 5:24:12 PM, -3 points (+6|-9)

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A change of mind submitted by antiliberalsociety to whatever

7e62ce85 0 points 62 points (+62|-0) ago

Thankfully the police will spend their resources to protect the public from ever seeing this.

Operation MERMAID Needs Your Help. Please Print And Distribute. #FreeBlackCoffee submitted by tendiesonfloor to whatever

7e62ce85 0 points 55 points (+55|-0) ago

Look at me, we da Jews now.

Roastie asks for an open relationship. Bites off more than she can chew. submitted by ComedicGoat to milliondollarextreme

7e62ce85 0 points 54 points (+54|-0) ago

I need other women's advice

Seems that was where the problems started. Have you tried thinking for yourself or asking a MAN?

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This is where we are now. A final warning before it's too late. submitted by lordvain2 to whatever

7e62ce85 28 points -17 points (+11|-28) ago

Well don't walk around in yoga pants then you faggot. Prepping step 0: Wear proper clothing.

I have no faith in the system. submitted by turtlesareNotevil to whatever

7e62ce85 10 points -9 points (+1|-10) ago

We recommend various ways of non-violent but effective resistance and organizing forces for self defense: /v/emergencynation/2130938

Stupid is as stupid does submitted by Wonder_Boy to funny

7e62ce85 12 points -9 points (+3|-12) ago

It's a living document.. and outdated.