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Left wing politician in Switzerland arrested for smuggling migrants into Switzerland., submitted: 9/1/2016 11:13:00 AM, 133 points (+134|-1)

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Left wing politician in Switzerland arrested for smuggling migrants into Switzerland., submitted: 9/1/2016 11:13:00 AM, 133 points (+134|-1)

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Left wing politician in Switzerland arrested for smuggling migrants into Switzerland. submitted by 30920203939487 to European

30920203939487 0 points 9 points (+9|-0) ago

From her homepage:

Sono sposata da 17 con Tarek con cui abbiamo formato una vivace famiglia multiculturale.

Tranlated (hope I get it right, don't know Italian):

Married at age 17 with Tarek with whom I built a vivid multicultural family.

Also she works at a position supporting migrants... disgusting.

That's as if anti-virus-company would produce viruses to sell their product...

Lefties are upset their children are acting normal. submitted by EmmetMcTaggart to whatever

30920203939487 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago

Mostly true.

So, in order to "not be evil" they choose to raise their kids in a bland and neutral way

They don't raise them in a neutral way, they actively try to oppose the norm. Neutral would mean that you protect them from social influence and otherwise just let them do whatever they fuck they want.

If they were neutral, they wouldn't care about their children prefering stereotype-stuff.

but they find out the hard way that biology IS real

That's what bothers me. While it becomes very clear and obvious that biology is real, they (many) are still in denial and just ignore the obvious evidence they get thrown in their face by their kids.

Swiss tell EU: Hands off veterans' assault rifles submitted by TotalScumbag to news

30920203939487 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago

Not true.

Swiss military isn't just a one time thing. Some swiss soldiers do all their military service at once, but most do the basic training (18 to 24 weeks) and then 5 to 7 yearly repetition courses (each 3 weeks). The material, including the automatic assault rifle has to be stored at home inbetween services.

After that, you bring back your material (at least a part of it). You can then buy (actually you just pay a fee for the people there to do the paperwork) "your" gun for cheap money (100 francs for the assault rifle), if you went shooting enough besides the military service, but you don't have to. The gun (if you have one - most soldiers don't have a gun, but only an assault rifle) can be kept even if you didn't go shooting at all, that costs 30 francs.

Official source (German)

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Slavs Have Become the Superior White Race Because of Forced Genocide by Communism and Two World Wars... submitted by 00ellis to European

30920203939487 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

You're not supporting you superiority with what you wrote, because it's just baseless.

I agree that every race and culture should feel that it's own is better, to some degree at least.

But the current situation of the European races is a combination of the people and the circumstances. Slavs are better off right now because they had better circumstances, while the west of Europe was constantly indoctrinated since the end of WW2 up until now.

Imagine if you had two children, one is just slightly more intelligent but is raised by religiously indoctrinated people, while the other is raised by very sane people. Of course the slightly less intelligent will do better, because the other will basically be born into indoctrination and breaking out of it is a huge effort.

I don't say slavs are inferior, I wouldn't know that anyway if it was the case, but stop intriguing and making us fight internally.

We are all Europeans and we should fight against our enemies, not against each other.

What programming language is good for a beginner? submitted by VVSomethingVV to programming

30920203939487 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

You should learn object oriented programming first.

So start with Java or C#.

Java runs on everything, IDEs are available for free and for every OS and you can learn the basics of OO Programming with it.

C# is the nicer language than Java, but you won't find as much help and resources for it as for Java.

Just avoid C++ and C, because C++ is a mess (very unclean but powerful language) and C can't teach you OO (but it's cool for low level stuff).

There are good free eBooks for many languages, so pick one that is for beginners.

Don't read too fast but instead use the stuff you learn a lot before you proceed to the next chapters, be sure you understand it.

Make little projects, really simple ones. At first without a GUI, just try to read a sudoku from a file and solve it in text mode, and similar stuff.

Later, you can try building GUIs and probably start with a simple calculator or text editor.

Little Games are also nice projects, but keep it simple at first.

Amalek here. I've decided to retire from Voat. Cya. submitted by PeaceOUT to European

30920203939487 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

I actually agree.

People should only be banned or restricted for spamming, doxing and other shitty stuff, but not for voicing a shitty opinion.

Downvotes shouldn't lead to a ban, because the left wing is silencing the right with exactly that kind of manner.