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I'm in for the long game because it's NOT a one night stand or a flirtorous relationship. Its love for my country, submitted: 12/8/2018 12:04:21 AM, 84 points (+87|-3)

A Tale of Two Islands. Island One, Epstein Island has been well documented. Island Two, Sir Richard Branson Island has little documentation., submitted: 8/22/2019 7:51:29 AM, 70 points (+72|-2)

The news is going to get crazier, submitted: 2/4/2019 9:57:24 PM, 56 points (+57|-1)

Obama in Denmark???, submitted: 8/23/2019 8:36:49 AM, 35 points (+35|-0)

The Closing of the British Parliament, submitted: 8/30/2019 7:44:18 AM, 27 points (+28|-1)

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Fsten your seatbelt. The storm is almost making landfall., submitted: 8/30/2019 8:20:23 PM, -12 points (+1|-13)

New place to spread the "Q" message, submitted: 9/25/2018 8:50:40 AM, -2 points (+5|-7)

What is QRS11, submitted: 8/11/2019 6:58:29 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

HAPPY EASTER the most important news story ever told, submitted: 4/21/2019 8:57:09 AM, 2 points (+4|-2)

American Decency, submitted: 8/23/2019 6:03:21 AM, 2 points (+2|-0)

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I think I know why Q has not been posting (and will not post for a few more weeks). The Hatch Act. submitted by Fat_Butted_Man to GreatAwakening

301854 1 points 24 points (+25|-1) ago

Me thinks the "Q" script has been written and announced now the players (us) have to follow it and vote Republican and the movie will be a success.

Trump Rally Orlando Report submitted by Shiftworker1976 to GreatAwakening

301854 0 points 21 points (+21|-0) ago

But the MSM says Biden is ahead. What an un-funny joke the msm has become.

Lerner, Paz say they fear physical harm from enraged public, want IRS testimony sealed permanently. submitted by TRFBYTrC0mmies to GreatAwakening

301854 0 points 19 points (+19|-0) ago

She should have thought. If I do the crime, can me and my family afford to do the time? But...she didn't think about her family until she was exposed. That's how the demoRATs work. They do the crime and when they are exposed, they want to seal the investigations to protect their families, who they didn't think about when the dirty money was rolling in. Fuck her, let it all out. She is using her family to get out of being held accountable for her crime. Her family is only a pawn to her.

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YIKES! More Bad News for Joe Biden: Google Searches for Hunter Biden Up Ten-Fold Since Presidential Debate submitted by warned2 to GreatAwakening

301854 4 points -4 points (+0|-4) ago

I am with you all the way. If something doesn't happen by the time I am required to send my absentee ballot back to Florida, I won't be sending it.

Debate Commission to Make Changes to Format submitted by Harpfor7 to theawakening

301854 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Guess they need to add more anti-Trump bias.

Donald Trump demands US attorneys launch an investigation into Ilhan Omar following report her supporters 'illegally harvested ballots in Minnesota' submitted by rickki6 to GreatAwakening

301854 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Why investigate it if you have proof? Looking to kill some time until its too late?