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Did r/altright just get banned?, submitted: 2/1/2017 9:01:46 PM, 310 points (+317|-7)

Redditor in r/FULLCOMMUNISM asks how to organize violence and gets help, submitted: 2/2/2017 7:22:13 PM, 64 points (+68|-4)

Japan Pays Foreign Workers to Go Home, Forever, submitted: 2/6/2017 1:02:24 PM, 35 points (+35|-0)

Dear White People- REALISTIC Netflix Trailer, submitted: 2/9/2017 10:44:32 PM, 23 points (+23|-0)

Texas: Mexican Woman Is Sentenced to 8 Years for Voter Fraud | VDARE - premier news outlet for patriotic immigration reform, submitted: 2/11/2017 6:56:03 PM, 20 points (+21|-1)

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The Nigger Question, submitted: 2/18/2017 2:04:47 PM, -1 points (+2|-3)

The War Room - Episode 23: Be All You Can Be as a Vandal, submitted: 2/2/2017 2:02:59 PM, 1 points (+5|-4)

Vox Day on countering antifa skermish tactics, submitted: 2/5/2017 1:28:50 PM, 1 points (+2|-1)

The Krypto Report: Episode IV: Start Up The Rotors, submitted: 2/11/2017 6:42:20 PM, 2 points (+3|-1)

Fuck Guilermo Del Toro, submitted: 2/4/2017 2:51:44 PM, 2 points (+5|-3)

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Black faggot corners an old white lady demanding that she apologize for slavery. Even though the old woman apologizes, the chimp does not care. Begins to taser the poor old woman again and again. submitted by TexasVet to Identitarian

11111100100 0 points 57 points (+57|-0) ago

Ok, I'm changing my position on slavery. It wasn't wrong to enslave niggers, it was wrong not to torture every single one of them to death.

Did r/altright just get banned? submitted by 11111100100 to Identitarian

11111100100 1 points 41 points (+42|-1) ago

This stuff has happened several times before. r/european and r/coontown for instance. Reforming sucks, but our ideas are such a big part that those sort of forums will reform even if we don't do anything.

Just look at r/all when there's some brigaded POS multiculti propaganda. Half the time the mods has to lock comments since even the normies ree so hard against that bullshit.

I wonder if the Pope realizes that heaven has a wall and has extreme vetting submitted by Pwning4Ever to Showerthoughts

11111100100 1 points 26 points (+27|-1) ago

Heaven also has a complete Muslim ban.

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Man found guilty for protectinig himself from BLM dindus. Facing 19 years in prison. submitted by ScionOfJustice to Identitarian

11111100100 5 points -4 points (+1|-5) ago

His charges seem appropriate to me, based on the evidence.

How so? He went to a BLM riot and did a counter protest bringing with him apropriate defense. That's dumb as hell, in that it's like going to the ghetto while White, but what's criminal about it?

White Nationalists are Not "White Supremacists" submitted by sand_mann to Identitarian

11111100100 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

Then you're kind of historically iliterate. There's no reason to think that the various white peoples are inherently superior to the Han Chinese or the Japanese, or for that matter the Ashkenazi Jews.

Even Hitler was very aware of this and he thought Goering, or whoever it was, trying to create a fictional great past for the Europeans to be more than a little embarrasing.

Anita Sarkeesian submitted by DietCokehead1 to Identitarian

11111100100 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago

Pretty sure she's Armenian. Which is arguably worse.

As the old sayings goes:

Trust a snake before a Jew, a Jew before a Greek, but never trust an Armenian.

It takes three Jews to cheat a Greek, three Greeks to cheat a Syrian, and three Syrians to cheat an Armenian.