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[–] SGM11Z 0 points 333 points (+333|-0) ago  (edited ago)

"the music is about to stop" ie in musical chairs, don't be the last one without a chair when the music stops. Or, in other words, call the switchboard and confess now or be the last one left standing to take the heat.

This is a message to all those involved to call and get a deal before there are no deals left. Obviously for the low level players who might have valuable testimony.

...no wonder the lines are jammed...



[–] Greenbaywithenvy 13 points 287 points (+300|-13) ago 

Hope it's porn free. 8chan is more than this grandma can take.



[–] Txgeezer 2 points 264 points (+266|-2) ago 

IT IS HAPPENING PATRIOTS! In post 2202 Q says Lynch is TALKING! The Cabal's ship is mortally wounded, taking on water, and listing heavily. What a great time to be alive!



[–] awhiteguyuno 4 points 177 points (+181|-4) ago 

Lmao it's funny because as soon as they left, normal civil discussion continued here. We were dicks to them to weed out the snowflakes. Guess it worked



[–] 64rjr05 9 points 165 points (+174|-9) ago 

Same for this Grammy!!!


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[–] tango_whisky_blunt 114 points -113 points (+1|-114) ago  (edited ago)


These are voats rules, what you're saying is basically you find it "problematic". Go back to reddit faggot, site creator or not, you're a dumb nigger jew, ban me if I'm violating your psudo rules you make up on the spot you fucking reddit moderator kike



[–] tango_whisky_blunt 105 points -104 points (+1|-105) ago  (edited ago)

Sounds more like you just find it problematic and want to censor people. Should go back to reddit faggot, you never belonged here, site creator or not, go back to reddit and be a moderator where you belong, where you can make up psudo rules on the spot like all the kikes over there. Fucking ban me if I'm breaking your fake ass psudo rules you conniving nigger.



[–] BEER4DINNER 67 points -63 points (+4|-67) ago 

Any fag admin who uses the term Qtard is a friggin dork.



[–] TheCool 63 points -59 points (+4|-63) ago 

You must have low standards for humor, then.



[–] tango_whisky_blunt 58 points -56 points (+2|-58) ago 

Nope, voats immune system is against people like you who want to censor anything but spam.