A quick introduction to Voat

So, what is Voat? Voat is a website that aggregates stories and links submitted by its users.
Stories and links are organized in communities called subverses. Here are a few examples of existing subverses: news, images, videos, jokes, programming, gaming etc.
Users can also create their own communities for a school, a charity, a gaming clan, a book club, a cause, anything goes, and decide what kind of content they want to receive from other users.
Users can submit links to other websites (news, articles, videos, images etc.) and other users can vote to decide if the links are worthy of sharing with other users.
Users can also submit text stories (essays, jokes, random thoughts etc.) and other users can again vote to decide if the story is interesting or not.

Do I have to register?

You can use Voat without registering, just jump right in and start exploring.
You can start browsing existing subverses right away.
However, as unregistered guest, you will not be able to vote, comment or submit new links and stories. This is solely in order to prevent spam.

How can I become an active member?


Start by registering a free account (no e-mail address is needed!)


Once you are logged in, you can start submitting new stories, links and comments or vote on existing comments and submissions.


You can also create your own community

Does it cost anything?

Voat is free (although we gladly take donations).

What makes Voat different from other similar communities?

We go out of our way to give back to the users and safeguard their privacy.
Users have control over their data and they can leave at any time and delete their data.

Ok, how do I get started?

Get an account