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oiseaulibre (01:34:53 UTC):

does this mean fake sane is sane

SaneGoatsISwear (01:35:00 UTC):

i've been saying this whole time im sane

SaneGoatsISwear (01:35:05 UTC):

you morons are so thick

SaneGoatsISwear (01:35:16 UTC):

you believe anything

BTFO_All_Trannies (01:35:21 UTC):


BTFO_All_Trannies (01:35:25 UTC):

totes is real sane

BTFO_All_Trannies (01:35:28 UTC):

im sure about this

BTFO_All_Trannies (01:35:36 UTC):

he did it as a joke

SaneGoatsISwear (01:35:40 UTC):

but who is totes

oiseaulibre (01:36:01 UTC):

mighty i know for a fact totes is fake sane, when i called him out totes came in chat as a joke before

oiseaulibre (01:36:14 UTC):

how do you know totes is also real sane

BTFO_All_Trannies (01:36:15 UTC):

thats real sane fucking with u

BTFO_All_Trannies (01:36:28 UTC):

because real sane confirmed it sort of indirectly

oiseaulibre (01:36:32 UTC):

no, it wasnt

oiseaulibre (01:36:42 UTC):

fake sane was saying shti

BTFO_All_Trannies (01:36:46 UTC):

i know its real sane i remember

oiseaulibre (01:36:49 UTC):

and i said

oiseaulibre (01:36:58 UTC):

fuck off totes or something

oiseaulibre (01:37:11 UTC):

and he said whose totes im sane

oiseaulibre (01:37:19 UTC):

and then totes came in chat

oiseaulibre (01:37:22 UTC):


SaneGoatsISwear (01:37:26 UTC):

oiseau areyou that faggot womb raider

oiseaulibre (01:37:40 UTC):

said hi everyone im the voat mascot totesmcgoats

BTFO_All_Trannies (01:37:58 UTC):

ya thats real sane

oiseaulibre (01:38:01 UTC):

im not a faggot nor am i womb

BTFO_All_Trannies (01:38:14 UTC):

if sane wasnt such a faggot he would admit it

BTFO_All_Trannies (01:38:18 UTC):

but i remember

BTFO_All_Trannies (01:38:26 UTC):

sane mentioned totes

BTFO_All_Trannies (01:38:33 UTC):

then got on the account and started saying the normal shit

BTFO_All_Trannies (01:38:42 UTC):

then said something about it

oiseaulibre (01:38:50 UTC):

theres two totes account too btw

BTFO_All_Trannies (01:38:57 UTC):


BTFO_All_Trannies (01:39:11 UTC):


BTFO_All_Trannies (01:39:23 UTC):

fuck all this shit

oiseaulibre (01:39:35 UTC):


oiseaulibre (01:39:42 UTC):

alt city

SaneGoatsISwear (01:39:46 UTC):


SaneGoatsISwear (01:39:54 UTC):

it doesnt change btfo's hypothesis

SaneGoatsISwear (01:40:06 UTC):

since totesmcgoats last posted 1. years ago

SaneGoatsISwear (01:40:08 UTC):


oiseaulibre (01:40:14 UTC):


SaneGoatsISwear (01:40:23 UTC):

and btfo has ben on here for 8 months

oiseaulibre (01:40:28 UTC):

he can be active in chat and not on the site

SaneGoatsISwear (01:40:29 UTC):

therefore the totes

oiseaulibre (01:40:37 UTC):


SaneGoatsISwear (01:40:37 UTC):

that btfo saw was mcgotes

SaneGoatsISwear (01:40:41 UTC):

highly unlikely

SaneGoatsISwear (01:40:51 UTC):

i have never seen a mcgoats on here

SaneGoatsISwear (01:40:56 UTC):

and i think anyone would agree

GlamourSpork (01:41:02 UTC):

I've seen him in chat before

oiseaulibre (01:41:02 UTC):

btfo = myg7 = tp = coskslap= myg

SaneGoatsISwear (01:41:13 UTC):

don't listen to glamoru that's an ogress

oiseaulibre (01:41:15 UTC):

everyone is an alt

SaneGoatsISwear (01:41:17 UTC):

vile and treacherous creature

SaneGoatsISwear (01:41:30 UTC):

it's not a man

SaneGoatsISwear (01:41:38 UTC):

it has 3 cats + no kids + 38

BTFO_All_Trannies (01:41:51 UTC):

you forgot my ultimate main

oiseaulibre (01:41:52 UTC):

theres two fake sanes too

BTFO_All_Trannies (01:41:57 UTC):

SaneGoatsISwear (01:41:58 UTC):


SaneGoatsISwear (01:42:02 UTC):

there's an inifnite

SaneGoatsISwear (01:42:05 UTC):

number of sanes

SaneGoatsISwear (01:42:12 UTC):

there's the sane guard

SaneGoatsISwear (01:42:19 UTC):

the sane armada

oiseaulibre (01:42:20 UTC):

i and L switcharoo

SaneGoatsISwear (01:42:36 UTC):

one of those sanes is the real sane

SaneGoatsISwear (01:42:40 UTC):

at least

oiseaulibre (01:42:42 UTC):

i blame the kikes

oiseaulibre (02:06:20 UTC):

audit /v/cheers

Womb_Raider (02:24:42 UTC):


GlamourSpork (02:24:50 UTC):

hey, womb :)

BTFO_All_Trannies (02:25:02 UTC):

there is my not girlfriend

GlamourSpork (02:25:07 UTC):


BTFO_All_Trannies (02:25:12 UTC):

whats shakin tonight hows yalls weekend

GlamourSpork (02:25:28 UTC):

spent the day cleaning. they are inspecting our apartments Monday

BTFO_All_Trannies (02:26:04 UTC):

ahh i remember that shit.

GlamourSpork (02:26:05 UTC):

it was only a couple of mins last year. nice old dude, and nosy stupid bitch. but old dude saw that I didn't wanna chit chat and distracted her

GlamourSpork (02:26:24 UTC):

don't even have a clue what they are inspecting

Womb_Raider (02:26:25 UTC):

what's goin on glam?

GlamourSpork (02:27:06 UTC):

they wandered in, old dude asked how my washer and dryer were cause my slider is hard to open and peeked in my kitchen and bathroom

GlamourSpork (02:27:13 UTC):

he was cool

GlamourSpork (02:27:36 UTC):

stupid nosy bitch, was stupid and nosy asking me all kinds of personal questions and me trying to avoid answering them cause I don't know her and it's none of her business

GlamourSpork (02:28:00 UTC):

she was just there to check things off a check list while old dude did the actual looking

adhdferret (02:28:28 UTC):

How goes thing here?

GlamourSpork (02:28:50 UTC):

this year, I'm closing the office and bedroom doors since there is no plumbing in there and I figure that's all they are checking

Gerplunckamo (02:35:41 UTC):



i am back on chat


anyone on chat?

Womb_Raider (02:48:00 UTC):

yeah babe


hi womb_raider

BTFO_All_Trannies (02:48:22 UTC):

faggy womb

Womb_Raider (02:48:52 UTC):

now listen here

Womb_Raider (02:48:56 UTC):

-shakes fist-

GlamourSpork (02:49:24 UTC):

hey CCF :)


hi glamourspork

Womb_Raider (03:00:09 UTC):

we need to liven up this place

Voat (03:13:22 UTC):

You have joined the Whatever chatroom