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Womb_Raider (03:19:39 UTC):

militias are a necessary mechanism of liberty

Womb_Raider (03:20:00 UTC):

2nd ammendment in the US is basically a "We all the militia, nigga!"

Womb_Raider (03:20:26 UTC):

I say do it goat, better than being alone

goat404 (03:20:31 UTC):

pic in.. 3... 2... 1..

goat404 (03:20:33 UTC):


inthetimeofnick (03:20:53 UTC):

Maybe but look at state guards old fogies and oper8ers

adhdferret (03:21:04 UTC):

Womb you are not really correct. A militia is a force to secure the people in case of attack by the government as it is made by the people without oversight.

Andalusian1 (03:26:30 UTC):

hey guys

goat404 (03:28:27 UTC):

FFS.. can't find ''that'' pic where Dutch 'special police' block entrance to a turkish diplomat entering the consulate in Rotterdam

goat404 (03:29:06 UTC):

been up for 30hrs.. but they did their jobs. made me proud

goat404 (03:43:44 UTC):

pretty strange.. can't find the old pics anywhere with cops around the car of the turkish minister

goat404 (03:44:00 UTC):

political deal?

goat404 (03:44:16 UTC):

or damage control from gov?

goat404 (03:46:44 UTC):

fuck this.. i'll be sleeping chat.. been too long. take care and be cool

SaneGoatiSwear (04:09:45 UTC):

@zombielordzero confirmed shill

YeOldeMerc (04:10:14 UTC):

How the fuck do you do this all day sane?

SaneGoatiSwear (04:15:31 UTC):

you mean how do 100+ shills fail to silence one asshole penguine?

SaneGoatiSwear (04:15:48 UTC):

easily; they suck.

Andalusian1 (04:16:10 UTC):

his comment history makes him look like an asshat

SaneGoatiSwear (04:16:38 UTC):

fake account &

SaneGoatiSwear (04:16:48 UTC):

weak ass troll; no feed.

Andalusian1 (04:17:06 UTC):

this isn't the fake account, but i understand your apprehention

SaneGoatiSwear (04:18:01 UTC):

1.6 day account exactly like another named long standing account.

SaneGoatiSwear (04:18:05 UTC):

comes right into chat and shittalks

SaneGoatiSwear (04:18:12 UTC):

i have all of everything you've said in chat saved.

Andalusian1 (04:18:18 UTC):

I nuked my old account when they mimicked the first time

Andalusian1 (04:18:19 UTC):


Andalusian1 (04:18:29 UTC):

I am silly, but it scared me so that was the choice I made

SaneGoatiSwear (04:18:30 UTC):

you would then know that i 100% do not believe that shit.

SaneGoatiSwear (04:18:41 UTC):

absolutely do not believe you, fake anda.

Andalusian1 (04:19:07 UTC):

I respect that

Fucking_fuck (04:31:25 UTC):


BuftyTrump (04:32:49 UTC):


Fucking_fuck (04:34:56 UTC):


Fascist_irl (04:38:48 UTC):


BuftyTrump (04:38:54 UTC):


Fascist_irl (04:39:05 UTC):

I am not a fascist

BuftyTrump (04:39:24 UTC):

I don't believe you

Fascist_irl (04:39:47 UTC):

Why not?

Ina_Pickle (04:40:52 UTC):


Fascist_irl (04:41:02 UTC):

Someone just made this post https://voat.co/v/Fascism/1658501

Fascist_irl (04:41:15 UTC):

So I made the username

Fascist_irl (04:41:27 UTC):

As a joke

BuftyTrump (04:42:07 UTC):

I see

BuftyTrump (04:46:55 UTC):

Pfft, this England game is dire.

goat404 (05:26:54 UTC):

bufty where you from you 8 days in?

goat404 (05:27:13 UTC):

bet u are a mud instead of a jew

goat404 (05:28:16 UTC):

shills all over these chat these datys.. and i am telling all as a druck cuck.. fuck all!!!!

Womb_Raider (06:25:34 UTC):

yeah this chat has gone to the dogs

Womb_Raider (06:25:55 UTC):

yo sane, Anda1 is really Andalusian btw

Voat (06:45:03 UTC):

You have joined the Whatever chatroom